Snow Leopard

Two female snow leopard cubs were born at Brookfield Zoo on June 16 are currently off exhibit bonding with their mother. The cubs are scheduled to make their public debut in mid-October. (Credit: Brookfield Zoo)

Two Snow Leopard Cubs Born At Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo visitors will have to wait more than a month to see the newest additions up close, but until then, the zoo is sharing some photos of the adorable snow leopard cubs who are sure to melt your heart.

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Snow Leopard Cub Makes Debut At Brookfield Zoo

Born on June 13th, Brookfield Zoo’s snow leopard cub made it’s debut this Wednesday, September 18th. When we last checked in with the cub in August, it weighed 10 pounds. It’s now a whopping 15 pounds and growing. You can see the cub with his mother, Sarani, and father, Sabu, in Brookfield Zoo’s “Big Cats” exhibit.


A 2-month-old snow leopard cub born at Brookfield Zoo on June 13 is currently growing by leaps and bounds in an off-exhibit den with his mom, Sarani. Until the cub is 3 months old, he will remain there bonding with his mom before making his public debut in mid-September. (Brookfield Zoo)

Snow Leopard Cub Thriving At Brookfield Zoo

The male cub now tips the scales at 10 pounds and is spending time bonding with his mother. The public will be able to see the pair starting in mid-September.


L.A. Zoo Debuts Pair Of Snow Leopard Cubs

2 New Snow Leopards Unveiled At Brookfield Zoo

There is a new addition at Brookfield Zoo this holiday season.

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