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Tollway Committee OKs Plan To Increase Speed Limits, But Not To 70 MPH

An Illinois Tollway committee on Thursday recommended increasing speed limits on portions of the Tri-State, Reagan Memorial and Veterans Memorial tollways, but not to the 70 mph allowed under a new law.


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Speed Limit Could Go To 60 On Tri-State, Reagan, And Veterans Tollways

An Illinois State Toll Highway Authority committee has recommended increasing speed limits on parts of three tollways.


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New 70 MPH Speed Limits On Illinois Highways Take Effect In January

Most areas that will see speed limits raised from 65 mph to 70 mph are outside the Chicago metropolitan area, according to a map released Friday by the Illinois Department of Transportation.


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Does 70 MPH Highway Speed Limit Apply To Chicago Area? Maybe, Maybe Not

Illinois raised the state’s highway speed limit 70 mph on Monday, but don’t go flooring it just yet until the politicians who put this new law on the books figure out whether higher speeds were really meant for urban highways, or just rural interstates.


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Higher Speed Limit Might Cost State Ticket Revenue

If Indiana is any indicator, it might end up costing the state of Illinois much-needed revenue if the governor signs off on legislation to raise the speed limit on most Interstate highways and tollways to 70 mph.


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IDOT Secretary Urges Lawmakers To Reject 70 MPH Highway Speed Limit

The state’s top transportation official would like to slow momentum for a move to increase the top speed limit in Illinois.

WBBM Newsradio–05/14/2013


Triple A Has Concerns About Raising Speed Limit

The Triple A is weighing in on a bill that would raise the speed limit to 70 miles per hour on Illinois roads.


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Quinn Non-Committal On Bill To Raise Speed Limit

The bill sponsored by Sugar Grove State Senator Jim Oberweis would hike the speed limit to 70 miles-per-hour. In most counties, it is now 65.


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Bill To Increase Speed Limit Passes Illinois Senate

A bill to increase the speed limit on interstates and the tollway system is moving through the Illinois legislature.


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New State Law Allows Trucks To Go Same Speed As Cars Everywhere

As of Jan. 1, large trucks will be allowed to go the same speed as all other vehicles in all parts of the state – not just some parts.

WBBM Newsradio–12/29/2011