Best Of Spring Break Fashion

Warmth is in the air. Though Spring is always a hit or miss season with 60 degrees one day and snow the next, spring vacation offers a guaranteed week of sunshine. Just like the first day of school, spring vacation outfits are planned weeks in advance. From new suits to sandals, here are a few trends to get you started this vacation season. Each piece featured below is priced under $50. Happy sunning!


Spring allergies. (CBS)

Warm Winter Likely Means Early Onset Of Spring Allergies

If you’re inclined to allergies, you might have to pull out the hankies a couple of weeks earlier than usual.


Gas Prices

$4.60 Per Gallon For Gas?

A new published report says we need to get ready for wild swings in the price at the pump.

CBS Chicago–02/07/2012

Snow On Edens Expressway

Late April Snowstorm Sets New Record

The calendar says April but the Chicago area could see as much as three inches of snow on the ground by Monday morning.

CBS Chicago–04/17/2011


Potholes On The Rise In Chicago

The number of potholes in the city is skyrocketing, and the city is now on track to fill 220,000 potholes this season.

CBS Chicago–04/05/2011


Severe Flooding Fears Along Mississippi River

Government forecasters say spring flooding is already beginning and the worst is yet to come. There’s a 95% chance of severe flooding up in Saint Paul, Minn.


Home Depot

More Than 2,000 Home Depot Jobs Coming To Area

Home Depot plans to hire more than 2,000 people in the Chicago area to work seasonal jobs in the coming weeks.

CBS Chicago–02/15/2011

Joe's Stone Crab

Best Seafood In Chicago

The Midwest isn’t near an ocean, but Chicagoans still demand good seafood.

CBS Chicago–10/03/2010