Starbucks Computer System CrashesComputers at Starbucks in Chicago, and apparently across the country, crashed on Tuesday morning, leaving customers unable to order their morning lattes.
Starbucks Changes Loyalty Reward ProgramStarbucks is changing the way it will reward loyal customers.
Exclusive 'Starbucks Reserve' Cafe, Tasting Room Slated For Chicago
A Starbucks On Every Street Corner? In Downtown Chicago, It's Pretty CloseIf you sometimes think there is a Starbucks on every corner in Chicago, that thought wouldn't be far-fetched.
New Starbucks Locations To Serve Beer, WineStarbucks now wants to be your first stop on the way home from work for happy hour.
Kid-Friendly Snacks To-GoTraveling with youngsters often requires more than just planning the perfect kid-friendly car activities. Here are some pit-stops to help you make it through a road trip (or Chicago traffic) with little ones.

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