State Farm Sponsors Illinois Tollway Tow TrucksState tow trucks that patrol the Illinois Tollway system will be sporting ads for State Farm, after the insurance company spent $1.8 million to sponsor the state’s road assistance program.
Penn State Loses State Farm Sponsorship State Farm is pulling its ads from Penn State football broadcasts, while General Motors is reconsidering its sponsorship deal and Wall Street is threatening to downgrade the school's credit rating, suggesting the price of the sexual abuse scandal could go well beyond the $60 million fine and other penalties imposed by the NCAA.
William Shatner Warns Of The Dangers Of Turkey FryersThanksgiving is a mere eight days away, and State Farm insurance has recruited William Shatner to inject some humor into a serious warning about turkey fryers.
Odds Of Hitting Deer In Illinois Ranked LowYour chances of hitting a deer with your car in Illinois are much higher than your odds of being struck by lightning, but still, the deer hazard is far less severe in Illinois than in many states.
Lawsuit: State Farm Covered Up Donations To State Supreme Court JusticeA lawsuit has been filed over the last election of an Illinois Supreme Court justice, which was the most expensive in U.S. history.
State Farm To Open New Community Space On DiverseyPlans are afoot for a new storefront operated by State Farm in the East Lakeview neighborhood – with no merchandise to sell.

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