Best Of Spain In ChicagoOk, we are not a city on the sea, lauded for our fresh seafood and salty air, but there are several spots in Chicago that live up to the essence of what it’s like to be in Spain. Until you can save up enough Benjamins to make it to the real deal, you'll have to settle for all the Spain that Chicago has to offer. Which is actually quite a bit...
Best Of The South LoopI can think of many things that evoke the adventurous spirit and a Chicago winter is definitely not on the list. Few of us brave the cold and venture out for the occasional sack of groceries, and then it’s back to our toasty-little foxholes for reruns and interneting. Winter. When this city’s all frozen over, one can forget--or at least I can forget--how many unique things there are to do. Have you met the south loop? I’m certain you’ll get along quite well...
The Best Of Paris In ChicagoI hate the word Francophile, but I’ll be the first to admit that France has some kind of strange (at times unhealthy) hold on me. If you are yearning for the city of light, it’s easy to get your fix right here, and hey, the coffee is better too. Amusez-vous!
Chicago's Best Mobile FoodMigratory feasts are all the rage these days. From home delivery to produce buses, here's a list of good food on the move!
See A Different Mag MileChicago is a city of world class museums, stunning architecture, and amazing food. I love you all, but we’ve got more to offer than the Disney Store and American Girl Place, so if you’re headed to Michigan Avenue, check out some these great options instead. I promise you’ll be glad you did.
Best Farm DinnersThe farm dining movement has taken root among foodies all around the country. It’s a pricey endeavor for sure, but also a great option if you‘re looking to celebrate a special occasion.
Chicago's Best Community GardensI think we all can agree that Chicago has surpassed the idea of “community garden” and paved the way for an innovative future of food—all aimed to influence the health and lifestyles of citizens in a positive way. I was delighted to discover a group of our own superheroes, fighting to make our food safe and community healthy.
Best Chicago Beer TripsWhy not take a beer trip, tour a brewery, chat with a brewmaster, and bring home some great craft beer? Sounds good to me. So long Chicago! Hell-o beer country.
Summer Food Events You Can’t MissOver the past year there’s been an insurgence of food trucks, special events, and interesting markets—but the buck doesn’t stop there. Here’s a list of “if-you miss-these-you-will-be-sorry” food events for Summer.
Unique Vegetarian –Chicago Style A classy vegetarian feast is not impossible and it’s important to know that there are several extraordinary restaurants in Chicago that don’t fluff off our veggie friends, in fact, some of the vegetarian dishes at these spots rule out the main attractions. Don’t get dusted by that over priced veggie burger.
Chicago’s Best Food ToursChicago’s foodscape can be a challenge for tourists and locals alike. We are up to our ears in dining options. Summer is right around the corner, so how do we start to enjoy the city and satisfy our appetites? Let’s not forget, how can we avoid the disgrace of having a bad meal? There are several outstanding food tours to save the day. Did someone say food and history? I hope you’re hungry.
Pop-Up Dining On Any BudgetThe pop-up dining trend has been sweeping the globe, but for some adventurous folks, spending a fortune is not on the menu. Sadly, “adventurous eating” often comes with a hefty price tag—until now.

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