Baffoe: Roger Ailes' Awful Legacy Exists In Sports MediaWe're amid an almost irreparable fever swamp media soaked toxically in fearmongering and cognitive dissonance -- all of it started by Ailes.
Jake Arrieta Isn't Having Stephen A. Smith's Skepticism: 'No One Will Undercut My Hard Work'Smith had suggested Arrieta shouldn't laugh off PED accusations.
Stephen A. Smith Suspended One Week By ESPN For 'Provocation' CommentsHe made regrettable comments last Friday about domestic violence.
Stephen A. Smith Apologizes For Short-Sighted Comments On Domestic AbuseStephen A. Smith called Friday's remarks "the most egregious error" of his career.
Bernstein: NFL Counts On Our HypocrisyThe NFL is a guilty pleasure that became guiltier last week.
Baffoe: Let’s Mock People Blaming Jay CutlerJay Cutler could cure cancer and would still not win people over because of his lack of warmth and fuzziness.
Baffoe: Stephen A. Smith’s Hockey Comments Are About More Than Just Being InaccurateI rarely watch non-game programming on ESPN anymore if I can help it, but there was a buzz going around about things that came out of Smith’s mouth Monday after somebody pulled the string in his back on the Sportscenter set.
TTYM: How Athletes Blow Their $ And Is Torri Hunter Bitter?
TTYM: Stephen A. Smith Said <i>What??</i> And People Like Mike Vick
Video: Stephen A. Smith Says 'N' Word On Air, Claims It Didn't HappenThere are certain words you just can't say on TV - no matter who you are.

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