A Quick Video Preview Of 'Galak-Z: The Dimensional' -- Dying Shouldn't Be This FunYou're going to die a lot in Galak-Z: The Dimensional. Developer 17-BIT are so aware of this, they've made it a selling point of the game. In the end, it's worth it -- Galak-Z is really, really fun.
Cops To Treat 'Wilding' Teens 'Like NATO Protesters' To Avoid TroublePolice are preparing use a tactic first developed to handle roaming protests during the NATO Summit two years ago to deal with a growing number of groups of teenagers attempting to wreak havoc on downtown streets and along the lakefront as summer sets in.
Mega Millions Jackpot: What Are The Lucky Numbers?With a more than half billion dollars at stake, you need to take a harder look at the numbers.

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