Maurie Berman. (Credit: Superdawg Twitter)

Maurie Berman, ‘Superdawg’ Founder, Dies At 89

Maurie Berman, the founder of the iconic Chicago hot dog joint Superdawg died early Sunday morning, his family said.


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Best Hot Dog In U.S.? It’s Right Here In Chicago

The best hot dog in America is right here in Chicago.


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Best Foodie Destinations In America

As interest in epicurean delights continues to grow, so does competition amongst American cities to draw tourism, in addition to the need to continually offer quality food at all levels of preparation.


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Best Bets For National Hot Dog Day

Poppy seed bun, yellow mustard, chopped onions, BRIGHT green relish, dill pickle IN THE SHAPE OF A SPEAR, tomato, peppers, celery salt. Oh! And the hot dog. Don’t forget the dog. Preferably Vienna.



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