Susan Carlson

Boxes filled with old TV monitors, computer equipment, and other electronics to be recycled. (Credit: CBS)

Don’t Just Toss Your Old Electronics After Opening Christmas Gifts

If you got a new TV, computer or laptop for Christmas, a new ban that takes effect next week in Illinois could affect you. CBS 2’s Susan Carlson explains that the new rules impact what you can put out in the garbage.

CBS 2–12/26/2011

Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble's Nook e-readers. (Credit: CBS)

Which Tablet Computer Is The Best Choice This Christmas?

Tablet computers are a hot gift for Christmas. Sales are up 264% this year, with the iPad leading the way, but the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are picking up steam.

CBS 2–12/20/2011

Beach Polo

Beach Polo World Cup Coming To Chicago

It will be an unusual sight along the lakefront this weekend, as for the first time, the Beach Polo World Cup will be played in Chicago at North Avenue Beach.

CBS 2–09/30/2011

Former Cicero town president Betty Loren-Maltese is all smiles Friday as she holds a weekend-long garage sale of her possessions. (CBS)

What The Feds Didn’t Take Betty Loren-Maltese Is Now Selling

The former Cicero town president is holding a garage sale this weekend and is letting the public have a crack at her shoe collection. Sorry, her clown figurines were scooped up early, CBS 2’s Susan Carlson reports.



Zeltiq Procedure Works To Freeze Off Body Fat

If you can’t diet or exercise away your body fat, maybe now you can freeze it off.

CBS 2–08/16/2011

A culex tarsalis female mosquito that was caught in a trap will be tested for the presence of the West Nile virus. (Photo by Jeff Topping/Getty Images)

Mosquito Guide: How To Avoid Being Bitten By Skeeters

Mosquitoes seem to be everywhere this year. So far nine counties in Illinois have found some infected with West Nile Virus. CBS 2’s Susan Carlson explains why mosquitoes seem to bite certain people more often and how a common household item can help keep the pests away.

CBS 2–08/03/2011


Heat Means Increased Profits For Purveyors Of Cold Drinks, Fans

The heat is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, but it also means increased profits for some.

CBS Chicago–07/18/2011

Kelise Yang

Photographer Has A Knack For Newborns

A Chicago photographer is turning heads for his heart-grabbing pictures. We stopped by his studio to see how he’s able to capture the magic.

CBS 2–06/10/2011

Paradise 4 Paws (CBS)

Pet Spa Puts Air Travelers’ Minds At Ease

If you love to travel, but hate to board your pet, a new pet resort may put your mind at ease.

CBS Chicago–05/27/2011

'Office Spouse'

‘Office Spouses:’ How Close Is Too Close?

How close is too close, when it comes to your co-workers? Have you ever heard of an “office spouse?”


Susan Nethero

Expert: Your Bra Might Not Be Doing The Job

Women wear their bras for up to 16 hours a day, but they may not be doing the job.

CBS Chicago–05/04/2011

Websites Let Users Resell Group Buying Deals

Group buying sites like Groupon are more popular than ever. However, sometimes those impulse buys leave people with salsa lessons they’ll never use.

CBS Chicago–04/12/2011

Jay Daley Quirke Hornik

Boy, 2, Seeks Picture With Namesake Mayor

A Rogers Park neighborhood family is trying desperately to get one thing from Mayor Richard M. Daley before he leaves office – a picture.

CBS 2–03/31/2011

Office building (CBS)

How To Deal With ‘Bullying Bosses’

Do you have the boss from hell? One expert offers advice if you’re constantly under attack from the person in charge.


CBS2 Traffic Tryouts

CBS 2 Launches Public Tryouts For New Traffic Reporter

CBS 2 is launching a contest for residents to become the station’s new morning traffic reporter.


Kitties like this one may look cute, but they can spread diseases if you allow them on your bed, a new study says.

Sleeping With Your Pets Can Be Unhealthy, Study Says

Hitting the sack with your dog or cat by your side can bring about unintended consequences, such as the spread of illnesses, researchers say.


Pigs On Parade

School Hopes To Raise Funds With Special Pigs

A small Catholic school in the suburbs is raising funds by auctioning off a special group of pigs in statue form. CBS 2’s Susan Carlson reports.

CBS 2–03/09/2011

The C-Diff bacteria (CBS)

Hospital Bacteria Strain Killing Patients

A particularly virulent strain of bacteria has been infecting thousands of hospital patients, killing some of them. CBS 2’s Susan Carlson reports on what you can do to protect yourself.


Laura Jarrett says sometimes reading her friends' updates on Facebook can make her feel envious. (CBS)

Facebook May Be Creating Some Sad Faces

Researchers say monitoring your friends’ life updates can make you feel inferior.


Paranormal Cops

Paranormal Cops Track The Unknown

They are a group of Chicago area police officers by day, and paranormal investigators at night.

CBS 2–02/10/2011