Appeals Court Backs Lockout, Tosses Judge's RulingThe 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has thrown out a judge's order lifting the NFL lockout, handing the league a key victory.
Muller: NFL Labor Dispute Hits A Snag; Retired Players File LawsuitWell, it is now the beginning of July and the NFL owners and the current players are still trying to agree to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement that would end what has become a ridiculous standoff between the two sides.
NFL Season To Start On Time? 'Right Now, It Doesn't Look Good'NFL fans have had to put up with an awful lot, as the players and owners have been battling in court and at the negotiating table, all the while, the fate of the 2011 season has been in doubt.
NFL Players In Court Refer To League As A 'Cartel'NFL players who sued the league for alleged antitrust violations liken the league to a "cartel" in their latest court filing, again urging an appeals court to lift the lockout.
Nonprofit Group Asks Judge To End NFL LockoutA nonprofit group that has been fighting sport work stoppages has weighed in on the NFL court battle, saying ending the lockout is in the best interest of consumers.
Court Sides With League, NFL Lockout UpheldThe NFL has won another round in the court fight with its players.
Mediation To Resume Between NFL And PlayersFor NFL owners and the players they've locked out in this dispute over the division and future of the ever-popular $9 billion business, it's time to talk again.
NFLPA Seeks $707 Million In Damages From TV DisputeOn Thursday the NFL players union requested that a federal judge award them with at least $707 million in damages stemming from a dispute with the league over $4 billion in broadcast revenue.
NFL Asks For Lockout To Be UpheldIts players again barred from coming to work, the NFL told a federal appeals court Monday it believes the appeal over whether the lockout is legal can "readily be resolved" during the offseason.
Monday Will Loom Large In NFL LockoutIf these are not fun times for football fans, they are captivating days for lawyers.
NFL: Players Can Resume Football Activites On FridayOn Monday, judge Susan Richard Nelson ruled to lift the NFL lockout and in essence return the NFL to business as usual. On Friday, a day after the NFL Draft, the league will allow their players to resume workouts and meet with coaches.
Gould: Players Weren't Allowed To Workout At Halas HallOn Monday, Judge Susan Richard Nelson lifted the NFL Lockout. On Tuesday, players around the league went to team facilities eager to start their workouts and get treatment for injures, but most were turned away.

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