Merrillville School Closed For Disinfection After Students Contract Swine FluAndrean High School president Harry Vande Velde III said the school was closed "for a thorough cleaning" on Monday.
Widespread Flu Infections Claim 7 Lives In IllinoisUp to 122 people have been admitted to the intensive care units at Illinois hospitals for treatment of the flu. Seven of those people died.
H1N1 Presence Grows In ChicagoCBS 2 has learned another 41 cases have turned up at the University of Chicago medical campus.
Horrible Horoscopes: PiscesI know, I know… You feel confident your grandmother’s remedies will keep you healthy and--if you do get sick--bring you back to full health. Sometimes though, frogs legs, witch’s tongue, brown M&Ms mixed with yellow Skittles, happy thoughts, chicken soup, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, Mitt Romney’s concession speech on repeat, Tumblr, puppies, medicine from a doctor who works out of the Wendy’s drive-thru window (honestly, he’s suspect, but his burgers are great), Game of Thrones, killing the Highlander, fruits and veggies (especially), and love just can’t heal you. Especially if you have the fly.
Illinois Sees First Case Of New Swine Flu StrainState health officials have confirmed Illinois’ first case of Swine Flu this year.
Researcher: Flu May Be On The Way OutA University of Chicago researcher says the 2009 flu pandemic has provided clues that might help get rid of the disease entirely one day.

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