Ebola virus. (Photo by Center for Disease Control (CDC) via Getty Images)

8 Things for Chicago-Area Residents to Know about the Ebola Virus

By Wendy Widom CHICAGO (CBS) — As Ebola continues to spread in West Africa, Chicago-area residents are seeking more information about the disease, its symptoms and how it is transmitted. Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF), […]



Vertigo Strikes Up To 20 Million Americans, Surgery Can Help

Ever have that awful feeling that the room is spinning and it makes you sick? Doctors estimate that vertigo affects about 20 million people and the numbers seem to be on the rise.

CBS 2–10/10/2012

Christine Lee, 43, had a heart attack and did not recognize the symptoms. (CBS)

Women Should Be Aware Of Heart-Attack Symptoms

Doctors say many women don’t see a heart attack coming because they have different symptoms than men, and even emergency room physicians can be slow to reach a diagnosis.


Rush University Medical Center's new 14-story hospital is slated to open in January 2012. (Credit: CBS)

Rush University: Symptoms Of Aging May Be Preventable

A Rush University team has found signs that symptoms of aging may not be due to the aging process itself, but to medical problems that might be prevented.

WBBM Newsradio–09/02/2011