Taco Bell

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Detained Motorist Phoned In False Report Of Robbery To Avoid Ticket: Police

Michael Cooper, 25, of Bellwood faces one count of attempted disorderly conduct, Glendale Heights Police said Friday.


Leah Wright (Palos Hills Police)

Police: Motorist With Heroin Falls Asleep In Taco Bell Drive-Through Lane

Leah Wright, 19, was charged with two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of resisting arrest following the incident at the Taco Bell at 7601 W. 111th St. in Palos Hills.


Louise Ramsey, 20; Martin Gutierrez, 18; and Haile Alvarez, 18, were arrested in Buffalo Grove after throwing drinks at a Taco Bell employee at a drive-through. Police said Gutierrez was drunk and all three minors were in possession of alcohol. (Credit: Buffalo Grove Police)

Three Arrested For Throwing Drinks At Taco Bell Worker

The case of The Taco Bell tossers, who returned to the scene of the crime, will come before a Cook County judge next week.


Someone's gonna get choked... (Credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Poem The News: Burritos In Bed With Dennis Rodman

Poem the News — Poetry about the news?! Are you MAD?! POETRY AND THE NEWS DON’T GO TOGETHER. You’re crazy! Yes, reader, yes I am. I am crazy. Read these poems. The submit your own.


I'd let Channing Tatum handcuff me. I'd even let Jonah Whats-his-face handcuff me. (Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for SXSW)

Poem The News: Chivalry Is Dead

This week, readers wrote poems about the news article “Man Gets 10-Year Sentence For Handcuffing Himself To Female Taco Bell Co-Worker In Hope Of Getting A Date.”