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NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 9: A Tennessee Titans fan sits in the rain while waiting for the start of a preseason NFL game against the Green Bay Packers at LP Field on August 9, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.

19 Ways To Pass Time While Waiting For NFL Opening Day

Just when you thought the NFL was back, it takes the weekend off. Here are 19 ways to pass the time while waiting for opening day.



TTYM: Ron Burgundy Mocks Peyton Manning And An Old Man Kicks A Coed In The Kisser

   by @TaraLipinskyMore Columns here. In this week’s That Thing You Missed watch Ron Burgundy mock Peyton Manning, an NHL player take a face plant, a football fan get kicked in the face and yours truly, Tara […]



Sports Verdict: Which Fans Throw A Better Tailgate? College Football Vs. Pro Football

Tailgate Fan correspondents Nick Stevens and Jerry Miller roam the entire countryside searching for the wildest and most epic tailgates in all of football.



Bathroom Guide for Soldier Field Tailgaters

When it comes to tailgating in Chicago, many people think about food and fun with fellow Bears fans. However, an item that can sometimes be overlooked is the bathrooms. It’s important to know what the different options are for bathrooms, whether you’re a family tailgating with young kids or just want some added comfort when out on game day.



Best Local Transportation To Get To Soldier Field

Just like any metropolitan city, it can be difficult to navigate Chicago streets to get to Soldier Field. Even local residents can find it difficult to nail down the routes to take to a Bears home game. However, knowing some simple public transportation and regulations for local travelers can help make the process easier.



History of Tailgating in Chicago

Tailgaters in Chicago may be aware of which lots are known for the best cooks or which spaces are closest to the bathrooms, but they may not be aware of the rich history behind the Chicago Bears. Knowing the history of the franchise and stadium can make for a better appreciation of the beloved team you’re rooting for.



How To Stay Safe While Tailgating In Chicago

Tailgating in Chicago is supposed to be a fun activity that brings together fellow Bears fans. However, there are some safety concerns that arise at tailgating outings, so it’s important to be aware of the hazards to ensure a fun and safe trip.



A How-To Guide to Build Your Homemade Bears Fan Tailgating Outfit

A huge part of tailgating is the ability to display your team spirit proudly among others with the same enthusiasm. Making a homemade Bears fan tailgating outfit can help to display your team spirit while standing out from the pack.



Bad Weather Survival Guide To Tailgating In Chicago

Chicago is known for adverse weather conditions, whether it be fierce winds or brutal snowfall. It’s important to be prepared for harsh weather conditions for any tailgating excursion at Soldier Field to fully enjoy the experience and remain comfortable until kickoff.



Tailgater Profile Of Chicago Bears Super Fan

Tailgating in Chicago is a long-standing tradition that involves people of every age, culture and background. However, there are some Chicago tailgaters that are legendary in their enthusiasm and tenacity.



The Personalities Of Bears Tailgating Lots

With strict guidelines on permitted tailgate parking for the Chicago Bears home games at Soldier Field, it can be difficult to choose which lot works best for your needs. However, understanding the pros and cons for each lot can help you make a more informed decision.


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Top 10 Vehicles Of Tailgating

Cool trucks or unique travel vans ain’t got nothing on these. Check out some of the most badass tailgating vehicles on four wheels.



Tailgate Timing For A Bears Game

Timing is a crucial part in planning and executing your tailgating party. It’s important to plan your trip wisely by knowing traffic and weather conditions, parking regulations and utilizing the best exit strategy.



Rules of the Road: The 10 Commandments of Tailgating in Chicago

Tailgating in Chicago can be a difficult arena to navigate. Knowing the guidelines and rules surrounding tailgating is the best way to make your tailgating experience an enjoyable one.


See how your Bears mobile compares to the rest (Credit: Candice Petill)

Baddest Bears Tailgate Mobile in Chicago

The aspects of the baddest Bears tailgating mobile in Chicago are the sheer capacity, the extra bells and whistles and of course the ability to grill in style. There is one tailgating mobile company that absolutely stands apart from the rest of the pack.


Even if the Bears are away, don't miss out on the football party (Credit: Candice Petill)

Can’t Make The Trip: Five Parties That Make You Feel Like You’re At A Bears Game

When it comes to watching a Chicago Bears game, there are some venues that make you feel like you’re at the game even when the team’s away. Setting up a private tailgate party can be a great way to celebrate the game with fellow tailgating enthusiasts and there are a number of different party packages to cater to every price point.


Decorate your car with Chicago Bears accessories to be the ultimate fan (Credit: Candice Petill)

Best Team Decorations For Your Tailgate Car In Chicago

Team decorations are a big part of showing your team spirit in the tradition of Chicago tailgating. Team spirit comes in many different forms but there are certain car decorations that will make your vehicle stand apart from the pack.


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A Rookie’s Guide To Tailgating In Chicago

Newcomers to tailgating can sometimes be intimidated and overwhelmed when going into a tradition with so much history and spirit. However, following a few simple guidelines when being a rookie to tailgating can ensure an exciting and treasured memory with motivation for more fun times to come.


Tailgate Parking Tips For Soldier Field

Because of the restrictions put on tailgaters for Soldier Field games like no deep fryers, no open fires and no tents or canopies, it can be difficult to know exactly which parking structures allow tailgating for the die-hard Bears fan. Following a few simple guidelines and tips for parking can make it easier to plan and execute a great tailgating party.


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Die Hard Fans Tailgating The NFL Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs have concluded and the Big Game players have been selected. Check out how the nation tailgated leading up to the biggest professional stage in sports….