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Tiffany Williams, Savion William Hondras

Parents Increasingly Worried About How To Handle Teachers’ Strike

As the clock counts down for negotiations and teachers talk about plans for a possible strike, parents and children alike are increasingly worried about what a walkout will mean for them.

CBS Chicago–09/08/2012

Teacher Rally

Teachers Union Talks Strike Preps As Negotiations Press On

Negotiations between teachers and the Chicago Public Schools were to resume at noon Saturday, in hopes of averting a Chicago teachers’ strike that could begin next week.

CBS Chicago–09/08/2012

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Teachers’ Strike Still Looming In Lake Forest

A teachers’ strike continues to loom in the affluent North Shore town of Lake Forest.

CBS Chicago–09/07/2012

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Families Dreading Possibility Of A Teachers’ Strike

If Chicago Public Schools teachers go on strike, how will it affect their families?

CBS Chicago–09/07/2012

Chicago Public Schools

CPS, Teachers Express Hope That Teacher Strike Will Be Averted

The countdown continues for a potential teacher strike, but both sides are using words like “hopeful” and “optimistic” to describe the state of the negotiations as it stands now.

CBS Chicago–09/07/2012

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Teachers’ Strikes May Be Coming In Evergreen Park, Lake Forest

The city of Chicago is not the only municipality where a teacher strike is looming.

CBS Chicago–09/04/2012

Teachers Union Leafleting

Teachers’ Union: No Plans To Set Strike Date, School Will Open On Time

Chicago Public Schools parents can count on one thing – there will be school on the day after Labor Day, the first day of classes for hundreds of thousands of students.

CBS Chicago–08/24/2012

School Protest

CPS Working on Contingency Plan As Teachers Inch Closer To Strike

What happens if your kids show up at school, and the teachers don’t? As the Chicago Teachers Union moved a step closer to a strike, the Chicago Board of Education was discussing what do do if teachers actually walk off the job.

CBS Chicago–08/22/2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel, Brizard Tout Longer School Day As Year Begins For Some Schools

A teacher strike is still a possibility next month, but on Monday morning, classes began as scheduled at about a third of the schools in the Chicago Public Schools system.

CBS Chicago–08/13/2012

Jean-Claude Brizard, Jesse Sharkey

Both Sides Say They Want Resolution Before Teacher Strike Could Happen

More than 90 percent of teachers in the Chicago Public Schools voted to authorize a strike this week, in a move that the Chicago Teachers Union believes will provide a leg up in negotiations starting next month.

CBS 2–06/12/2012

Karen Lewis Votes

Chicago Teachers Vote To Authorize Strike

Chicago teachers have voted to authorize a strike, setting the stage for intense contract negotiations to avoid a possible walkout in the fall.

CBS Chicago–06/11/2012

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said an informal poll of teachers at 150 public schools showed "overwhelming" support for a strike if contract talks with the Emanuel administration break down. (Credit: CBS)

Possible Chicago Teacher Strike Looms After Talks Break Down

Talks have broken down between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union, and the possibility of a teacher strike is beginning to loom.

CBS Chicago–04/17/2012