That's All She Wrote: Nothing Has Changed With Cutler In the end, Jay Cutler gave me no reason to think a single thing has changed since last season.
That's All She Wrote: Could Danks Be Traded? Now that the trading deadline has passed, the baseball season in our town is pretty much over, though I'm interested in seeing more of Andre Rienzo, who has that look of a winner.
That's All She Wrote: Quennville Looks Like A Genius"If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit." Corey Crawford is saved by his defense. Brent Seabrook kept his client from being hauled into goaltender jail with simple plan: SHOOT THE PUCK!
That's All She Wrote: Kane Haters Be QuietOK, Patrick Kane haters, you can all go back in the closet, unless you want to keep hating on Jonathan Toews.
That's All She Wrote: Anyone Seen Gabe Carimi?Carlos Zambrano's signed a minor league deal with the Phillies and the Liberty Bell just asked to be placed in the witness protection program. Speaking of witness protection, anyone seen Gabe Carimi lately?
That's All She Wrote: Struggling Bulls All But OutOK. The first person who dares compare Luol Deng’s serious illness to Scottie Pippen’s migraine will be asked to leave this column immediately.
That's All She Wrote: Phil Emery Better Be RightIt's a playoff game and I'm wondering how a team misses 25-of-26 shots and then I see Brooklyn scrawled on the jersey.
That's All She Wrote: The Bears Will Finish 8-8, Right?The strength of the Bears schedule is 16th. That translates into 8-8, right?
That's All She Wrote: A Goat's Head? Seriously?A goat’s head? Seriously?

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