City Water Department employees clear catch basins so melting snow can be drained. (Credit: CBS)

Officials Keeping Close Eye On Water Levels As Thaw Continues

Although officials in the city and suburbs are watching the approaching storm, they’re not sure what to expect.


Roofing company workers use axes and hammers to chop away ice collected on the roof and in the gutters of a home in Warrenville. An ice dam that formed on the roof caused a leak inside when it began to melt and seeped inside the ceiling and walls. (Credit: CBS)

Continuing Thaw, Thursday Rain Threaten Flooding, Roof Damage

Chicago area residents were rushing to get roofs clear of ice dams, and shovel ice and snow away from storm drains and catch basins on Wednesday, as the heavy snow cover continues to melt, with rain on the way.


A Chicago resident digs his car out from under fresh snowfall on Monday. The city got 5 inches officially, bringing the season's total to 67.9 inches so far this winter, the 5th highest total on record. (Credit: CBS)

Digging Out Again, Chicago Residents Await Thaw

After nearly five inches of snow on Monday, Chicago residents were digging out again on Tuesday, and were running out of places to put all the snow. All that snow could create another problem when it begins melting, possibly causing flooding in some areas.


Snow melts around a Chicago catch-basin grate. (CBS)

Rain, Thawing Snow Brings Flooding Potential To Chicago Region

Chicago’s Water Management Department was out clearing the city’s catch basins Friday so that the melting snow and rain have a place to go. CBS 2’s Courtney Gousman reports.


Cold Thermometer

Rain, High Temps Turn Ice Rinks To Mush

The bizarrely warm temperatures this week worry one climate expert.