The 2 Teachers

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Casting Call For White House Plumbers

Leaks are not new inside the Beltway. Washington D.C. thrives upon leaks. The consternation and outrage expressed the last couple of days seems to be a bit theatrical.

CBS Chicago–12/01/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Walk This Way

A Preamble must mean coming before our learning to walk. This is an appropriate way to look at the Preamble to our United States Constitution.

CBS Chicago–11/29/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Flabby Turkeys And Lame Ducks

Thanksgiving is all about the bird. This season two birds are deserving of our attention.

CBS Chicago–11/26/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Vuvuzelas In Iowa

The 2 Teachers will give you a preview of the words that will shape politics in 2011.


The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Dancing With The 12th Amendment

The Constitution came well before the invention of reality TV. But when determining how the President would be selected, the Framers preferred the Survivor method over the American Idol method.

CBS Chicago–11/22/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Medicinal Potter

In our days of uncertainty going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows might be just what the doctor ordered.

CBS Chicago–11/19/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Doors Closed?

The power to pardon: Why did our founders include such a power in our constitution and most subsequent state constitutions?

CBS Chicago–11/17/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Our Pilgrim’s Progress

President Barack Obama’s recent journey shared a lot in common with The Pilgrims Progress written by John Bunyan over 300 years ago.

CBS Chicago–11/15/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Madison’s Mulligan

This begins a series of blogs dedicated to our enduring Constitution, beginning with James Madison, often called the father of the document.

CBS Chicago–11/12/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: A Legacy Undecided

In promoting his new book, “Decision Points,” George W. Bush has made a hearty effort to shape his legacy.

CBS Chicago–11/10/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Back To The Future Of Voting

On Nov. 5, 1985, Back to the Future’s Marty McFly journeyed to his 1955 hometown. The 2 Teachers just wish he would have also inspired the future of how we vote.

CBS Chicago–11/08/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: The Last Word

Disraeli once said – “With words we govern men.” Today we are reviewing the most prominent words we learned from Tuesday’s Midterm Election.

CBS Chicago–11/05/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Miss Independent

Mr., Mrs. and Miss independent will hit the big time again tomorrow when they determine the outcome in countless midterm elections.

CBS Chicago–11/01/2010

The 2 Teachers

By The People: Are Illinois Politics Getting Progressive?

Today, nearly half of the states allow citizens to validate and initiate governmental policies through this version of direct democracy. This year, Illinois voters will get a chance to use direct democracy to affirm a possible state constitutional amendment.


The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: What If No One Wins?

Voters in Nevada’s statewide elections have the choice between candidates on the ballot and the additional choice of NOTA (None of the Above.)

CBS Chicago–10/27/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Over And Out

Who could forget the CB radio phenomenon from the mid-1970s? Today, many online are certain that “over and out” will be the buzzword November 2.

CBS Chicago–10/25/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: The Politics Of Baseball

We play and watch baseball to get away from all of that other stuff. Right? Sorry, but you would be wrong.

CBS Chicago–10/25/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Holding Back The Tide?

The Democrats’ national surge that began in 2006 might be ready to recede, but expect local efforts to reduce the impact of the political ebb.

CBS Chicago–10/20/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Midterms Receive ‘R’ Rating

A recent survey has found that the 2010 Midterm Election will go down in history as “the costliest and most negative” of all time.

CBS Chicago–10/18/2010

The 2 Teachers

CBS 2 School: Waiting for an October Revolution

“Waiting for Superman,” a recently released documentary, has sparked a heated debate over how best to reform our failing public schools. Reformers today are hoping for an October Revolution.

CBS Chicago–10/13/2010