CBS 2 School: 'Destruktion' All AroundJapan will rebuild. The bigger question is will we?
CBS 2 School: Time For Show And TellIt is time for our quadrennial political game of Survivor. Right about now the contestants for this game will begin to line up.
CBS 2 School: Totem PolesThe Oscar for best picture has become over the years our collective totem pole. Year after year these cinematic creations carve new identities into our American psyche.
CBS 2 School: Yeltsin Or Putin?Our students recently asked what difference it makes if Rahm Emanuel wins the mayoral election today or in a runoff. We tried to answer with a rhetorical question invoking Russian politics.
CBS 2 School: See Mo’ GreenToday’s performers mean to do more than entertain. Sounds like they want to teach.
CBS 2 School: Super Prefix-ationWe Americans love anything that is super. We love to use the prefix “super.” It might be a collective fixation.
CBS 2 School: Hu On TourPlenty of geopolitical prognosticators are using Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States as another opportunity to dub the 21st century as belonging to China.
CBS 2 School: With Words We GovernDisraeli, noted English author and British Prime Minister, wrote: “With words we govern men.” Due to the recent tragedy in Tucson, we as a nation have had to assess our political speak.
CBS 2 School: We Resolve...For 2 political junkies, 2010 did not disappoint.
CBS 2 School: Just In TimeIt is time to draw closure to 2010. Who is our “Person of the Year”?
CBS 2 School: Re-cycled GiftsAfter getting a sneak peak under President Barack Obama’s Christmas tree, we hope he’s content with a shiny new tricycle this year. The 2 Teachers think it will be a fitting gift.
CBS 2 School: Turning The PageAs we turn the page of another year the 2 Teachers would like to look back at some of their favorite page-turners of 2010.

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