The Ledge

Damage to the Willis Tower Ledge. (Credit: Tony Saldana)

Damaged Ledge Reopens At Willis Tower Following Repair Job

Visitors at the Willis Tower were again standing in the Skydeck’s glass enclosures on Friday, perched 1,300 feet over the sidewalk below, after crews repaired one of the boxes that was damaged late Wednesday.


Damage to the Willis Tower Ledge. (Credit: Tony Saldana)

Willis Tower’s Glass ‘Ledge’ Repaired After Cracks Appear

The cracks formed after a group of visitors to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower stepped out on the Ledge, but Willis Tower officials said the glass itself did not crack, only the protective coating.


The Hancock Center observation deck's new "Tilt" allows visitors to lean at a 30-degree angle over the street below, more than 1,000 feet in the air. (Credit: CBS)

Hancock Center ‘Tilt’ Just Might Up The Ante On Willis Tower’s ‘Ledge’

The “Ledge” at Willis Tower has a new rival for skyscraper thrills in Chicago. The Hancock Center has its own gravity-defying feature, “Tilt,” which lets visitors lean out over the edge of its observation deck at a 30-degree angle.


Willis Tower (CBS)

Willis Tower Skydeck: It’s Really High Up

The Willis Tower is tall! Just… you know… so you know. Why not take a trip up to its Skydeck to get a real grasp of how big this behemoth building is?