Former Editor Of The Onion Says Paris Terror Attack Won't Deter Satirists A Chicago area man who was the longtime editor of The Onion does not believe the attack in Paris will have a chilling effect on The Onion staff - or on any satirists.
Jay Cutler 'Blames The Punter' And Fans Go CrazyThe following story sent the knuckle-dragging, meatball faction of Bears' fandom into apocalyptic rage.
Onion Story Pokes Fun At Cutler, BearsThis is what happens when you're a 3-5 football team.
Ahead Of Obamacare Deadline, Illinois Tries To Reach Youth Through The OnionBanner ads on The Onion website will depict a toy action figure with the words: "Man without health insurance is forced to sell action figures to pay medical bills." The ads say: "Get Covered. Don't sell your action figures."
The Onion Foolishly Puts Faith In Short-Lived Internet Fad, Plans To End Print Editions (Ha! Good Luck, Chumps)The very serious and influential news publication known as The Onion has made its first, and possibly last, mistake – it’s decided to end the distribution of its print edition in the awesome city of Chicago (and probably some other lame cities, too).
Satirical Publication The Onion Saying Goodbye To PrintThe Onion announced Friday it is ending the last of its print editions and moving to an all-online format.
Dog-Friendliest Workplaces In ChicagoFor a true pet lover, finding a place to work that is also pet friendly is a dream come true. Having your pet with you while you work can increase productivity and create a more relaxed work environment. There a some great places to work right in Chicago that not only allow pet accompaniment in the workplace, but encourage it.
Made In Chicago: A Skewed View Of The NewsWith tongue firmly in cheek, the Onion serves up wacky news every day on its website and in its newspaper.
The Onion Sparks Anger With Picture Of Plane Flying Into Willis TowerHeadline: Sears Extremists Fly Plane Into Willis Tower. To the satirical newspaper "The Onion", that's comedy--the kind their writers have been doing for decades. However, many people believe any humor about the tragedy of Sept. 11 crosses the line.
Lt. Gov. Simon Declares 'The Onion Day' In Honor Of Newspaper's MoveThe very name “Chicago” is believed to be derived from a Potawatomie word for wild onions, and now perhaps the wildest of those onions – the one of the satirical newspaper variety, that is – calls Chicago home.

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