Baffoe: Brian Urlacher Is A Symptom Of The Diseased Chicago BearsThe Bears are sick, and there's no immediate or singular cure.
Naperville Police Searching For ‘Simpsons’ Vandal They might not be having a cow, man, but property owners in downtown Naperville are being vexed by a vandal with an obvious affinity for the long-running, animated television series “The Simpsons.”
The Simpsons Still Going StrongBart Simpson was in Springfield today. Seriously, the actress who provides Bart's voice, and a lot of others in the long-running "Simpsons" sit-com, testified before a legislative subcommittee.
Bernstein: Smith "Tirade" What Bears Needed, Fans Seem To WantNed Flanders had finally had enough. His house destroyed, his business in ruins, his bad fortune making a mockery of his boundless faith and optimism, he exploded on Springfield townsfolk after his last bit of self-control wore away.

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