Best Chicago-Based Bands & MusiciansThe range of music genres alive in Chicago is vast and this list is meant to be a quick scan of the cream of the crop from varied genres.
Chicago’s Best Hidden Art And Cultural GemsChicago has plenty to offer beyond the Magnificent Mile and State Street. Join us as we take you off of the beaten path to Chicago’s best cultural gems.
Must-See Chicago Theatre Shows For First TimersWant to start exploring Chicago’s vibrant theatre scene, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some safe bets that not only entertain, but perhaps may entice you, or your guests, to explore even further.
Best Theatre For Kids And Young Adults In ChicagoWhile many theatre Chicago companies produce family-friendly shows throughout their seasons, there are also a handful of companies throughout the city devoted to creating theatre geared for kids and young adults.
Best Free And Cheap Theatre In ChicagoWhile seeing a show in one of Chicago’s many smaller theatres is very cost-effective, there are a few “public access” theatres and discount ticket programs that offer a super cheap – or even free – options.
Best Small Venues For Live Music In ChicagoThese venues all made the cut because of a focused conviction to presenting Chicagoans the best in up-and-coming musicians as well as providing a haven for intimate concerts with larger bands.
Best Theatre For A Laugh In ChicagoTheatre doesn’t always have to be so serious. Here are some places to get a belly-laugh workout.
Best Large Theatre Companies In Chicago

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