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Tom Ricketts

A view of the proposed jumbotron at Wrigley Field. (Credit: Cubs)

Wisch: My Solution To The Wrigley Field Rooftop Crisis

So, what if the Cubs set up their own giant HDTV on the reverse side of their proposed video board?

CBS Chicago–05/02/2013

(Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Harris: Wrigley ‘Restoration’ Is Happening, Unless…

Tom Ricketts stood in front of a crowded banquet hall Wednesday with the City Club of Chicago in attendance and gave a play-by-play of plans to “restore” Wrigley Field.

CBS Chicago–05/01/2013

Tom Ricketts

Ricketts Says He’ll Move Cubs If Wrigley Deal Not Reached, But Mayor Not Worried

For the first time since taking ownership of the Cubs in 2009, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said he will move the Cubs within four years if his proposed Wrigley Field restoration plans were not approved by the city.

CBS Chicago–05/01/2013

The Bears' offense huddles around Jay Cutler. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

That’s All She Wrote: The Bears Will Finish 8-8, Right?

The strength of the Bears schedule is 16th. That translates into 8-8, right?

CBS Chicago–04/19/2013

Tom Ricketts and Theo Epstein. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Bernstein: Cubs Culture Changing For The Better

Public opinion matters to the Cubs in their efforts to modernize their property and stabilize their presence in Tom Ricketts’ beloved Wrigleyville.

CBS Chicago–04/17/2013

Outside view of Wrigley Field. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Harris: Wrigley Renovations Bring Positive Change For Residents

The renovations in and around the park will have a positive effect on business, the fans and the residents of Wrigleyville.

CBS Chicago–04/16/2013

Wrigley Field

Ricketts: Cubs Will Win World Series With Wrigley Renovation Deal

A day after striking a $500 million deal with the city to renovate Wrigley Field and build a new hotel, Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts said the agreement would bring a World Series title to the North Side.


Fans peer into Wrigley Field from a rooftop across the street. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Wrigley Rooftops Respond To Deal: ‘We Will Play A Constructive Role’

After the Cubs and the City of Chicago announced a deal to renovate Wrigley Field, eyes quickly turned to see the reaction of the Wrigleyville Rooftops Association, which did not have a voice in the negotiations and has a 20-year contract with the team that could be affected by the renovation.

CBS Chicago–04/15/2013

Wrigley Field rooftop. (Credit: Wrigleyville Rooftops Association)

Rooftop Spokesperson Beth Murphy: We’re Not Stealing Anything

Beth Murphy, owner of Murphy’s Bleachers and spokesperson for the Wrigleyville Rooftops Association, has a message for anyone who thinks the rooftop owners are leaching off the Cubs’ product.

670 The Score–04/11/2013

Wrigley Field.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Wisch: In Wrigleyville, It’s Time For The Drama To Strike Out

There was no joy in Wrigleyville on Wednesday night.

CBS Chicago–04/11/2013

Wrigley Field.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Still No Deal On Wrigley Field Renovation

No face to face talks between City officials and the Cubs today. And still no deal on Wrigley renovations and Community development.

CBS 2–04/09/2013

Tom Ricketts

Abbatacola: Blame Tom Ricketts

Oh, poor Tom Ricketts. All he wants to do his fix his broken toy and the big bad politicians of Chicago won’t let him.

CBS Chicago–04/09/2013

Tom Ricketts and Theo Epstein. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Zuba: Waiting Game Continues For Cubs

When the final out was recorded in the Cubs loss to the Brewers in Monday’s home opener, the city of Chicago was still waiting.

CBS Chicago–04/08/2013

Wrigley Field.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Wrigley Renovation Deal Expected Soon

The Cubs and the city of Chicago are in the process of finalizing a deal for the renovation of Wrigley Field.

CBS Chicago–04/08/2013

Wrigley Field rooftops. (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Zuba: Don’t Blame The Rooftop Owners

Like it or not, the Wrigleyville Rooftops Association has every right to protest the Cubs’ new renovation plan.

CBS Chicago–04/05/2013

Theo Epstein meets the media as Chairman Tom Ricketts looks on. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Wittenmyer: Cubs Going About Rebuilding All Wrong

It’s neither a secret, nor a surprise the Cubs are in a massive rebuilding process never before seen to this extent on the North Side

670 The Score–04/04/2013

Wrigley Field

Forbes Rates Cubs Most Profitable Team In Baseball

Though the team hasn’t won a World Series in over a century, the Cubs have been listed as the most profitable team in all of baseball, according to Forbes’ annual report.

CBS Chicago–03/27/2013

Wrigley Field Bleachers

Wisch: How’s Life In Rosemont? The Cubs Should Ask DePaul

Some people might think that by leaving Wrigley Field for suburbia the Cubs could finally kill their curse. I think it’s more likely that they’d kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

CBS Chicago–03/19/2013

Photo Of The Wrigley Field Sign. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Suburban Mayor Makes Pitch To Bring The Cubs To Rosemont

Rosemont mayor Brad Stephens has an idea – a bold one.

CBS Chicago–03/18/2013

Tom Ricketts

Photo: Tom Ricketts Doppelgänger?

Our friends at ChicagoSide may have found Tom Ricketts’ Doppelgänger.

CBS Chicago–03/18/2013