Schuster: Bulls Better Give Thibodeau A Contract Extension What are the Bulls waiting for in signing Tom Thibodeau to a contract extension? Yes, he does have a year plus left on his current deal but if they don't show him some love soon he could be gone at the end of that deal.
Schuster: Bulls Squeak Out Win Behind Rose, DepthIf you hadn't seen the Bulls over the last season plus and just watched them the first 3 quarters Tuesday night you would have thought this was the worst team in the NBA.
Schuster: Hamilton Expected To Be A BullRichard "Rip" Hamilton could be a member of the Bulls shortly. Hamilton has already been officially released by the Pistons and is in the process of going through waivers. If, or when, he passes through the waivers, the Bulls will be ready with a 2 year contract for the veteran shooting guard.
Schuster: Rip Hamilton Could Be In A Bulls Uniform SoonThe Bulls have been chasing guard Rip Hamilton for almost 2 years and it looks like they will soon land him. Hamilton is in the process of being waived by the Detroit Pistons. Once that becomes official he would then have to pass through waivers which looks to be a formaility. Then the Bulls will sign him to a deal that sources are calling $10 million over 2 years.

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