Plainfield police say from a distance these toy guns look real. (Facebook/Plainfield Police)

Kid Toting Toy Gun Was In Danger Of Being Shot By Cop, Plainfield Chief Says

A police officer could have easily shot a boy who was playing with a toy gun during a recent encounter — and the shooting would have been justified — Plainfield’s police chief tells WBBM.


(Credit: Charlsie the Head Elf / Fred Sasaki)

Help! Missing Elf: One Man’s Journey With Elf On The Shelf

What do you do when your elf leaves and doesn’t come back? Mount a search party? Hire a private detective? You contact customer service, which is exactly what Fred Sasaki did. Here’s how that went…


kidrobot toys (credit:

Best Lil’ Gift Shops In Chicago

What do you get the guy or gal whose birthday you’re attending that you barely know? A gift card? Too aunt-y. Socks? What are you, a creep? What you need is a trinket, my dear — holiday tchotchkes, everyday baubles, and birthday bric-a-brac. The following are some of Chicago’s fine purveyors of them.