Metra Cancels Plans To Replace Its Oldest Bi-LevelsMetra cancels plans to replace its oldest bi-levels with new commuter rail cars, after the ongoing budgetary standoff in Springfield and lack of a statewide capital construction program. Riders are still expected to get a handful of new cars.
New CTA Rail Cars Not Expected Until 2019 At The Earliest Until the 5000 series began delivery, CTA had the oldest rapid transit fleet in the nation. It hopes to reduce the average age to less than 10 years by 2022.
Metra Seeks More Spare Train Cars, Better E-AlertsMetra soon hopes to give you E-alerts about trains at specific times, not just for specific lines.
Lack Of Spare Train Cars Means Crowded Rides On MetraThis will be another crowded day on many rush-hour Metra trains, and it appears that riders will have to endure shorter, and in many cases more crowded, trains at least through Friday.
CTA Unveils Seat Configurations On New CarsActing on rider complaints, the CTA on Friday released the proposed seating configuration it will provide to manufacturers bidding on its next generation of ‘L’ cars.
Metra To Refurbish Cars With Electrical Outlets, Flush ToiletsMetra wants to make your commute more comfortable, whether you’re on your computer or in the can.
Report: New 'L' Cars Were Pulled Because Of Defective Parts From ChinaNew CTA ‘L’ cars that have been shelved since December will not be back on-line until June, as important repairs must be made first.

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