U.S. District Judge Suzanne Conlon

Scott Enke, 33, leaves the Dirksen Federal Courthouse on July 10, 2012, after he was fined $1,000 for leaving town in the middle of jury duty in March. He was also ordered to write an essay about showing up for jury duty and give a speech to the American Bar Association, at a symposium on jury service. (Credit: CBS)

Juror Avoids Jail After Leaving Town In Middle Of Trial

A medical supply salesman who left town in the middle of jury duty avoided going to jail when he was sentenced for contempt of court on Tuesday, but he must attend a legal symposium on the jury system as part of his punishment.

CBS Chicago–07/10/2012

Jury Box

Juror To Be Sentenced For Skipping Out For Business Trip During Trial

A former federal court juror now has his own legal troubles for skipping out on jury duty in the middle of a trial.

CBS Chicago–06/13/2012