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kidrobot toys (credit: rotofugi.com)

Best Lil’ Gift Shops In Chicago

What do you get the guy or gal whose birthday you’re attending that you barely know? A gift card? Too aunt-y. Socks? What are you, a creep? What you need is a trinket, my dear — holiday tchotchkes, everyday baubles, and birthday bric-a-brac. The following are some of Chicago’s fine purveyors of them.


Charlie Sheen

Celebrate April Fool’s Day In Chicago

Looking for something to do this April Fool’s Day? From comedy to Charlie Sheen look-a-like contests– We’ve got you covered!


Gift Guide For Guys

Gift Guide For Guys

Alright guys, so you waited until the last week, her best friend that you’d normally ask for advice is out of town, and you missed all the hints she dropped because you were too busy watching your fantasy football team. It’s not too late, fellas!


Cat & Mouse (credit: cat-n-mouse.com)

Best Chicago Toy Stores

For children in Chicago, there are more than a few toy stores in town that make a big impression.

CBS Chicago–10/03/2010