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Rollout Of Ventra App Delayed Until Fall

CTA spokesperson Tammy Chase said the area’s transit agencies are going to bring in between 20 and 30 experienced beta testers from the Smart Chicago Collaborative’s Civic User Testing Group to iron out those problems that exist.


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CTA Rider Satisfaction Down, But Still High

The vast majority of customers are satisfied with their CTA service, but fewer feel that way than three years ago — especially if they are bus riders, a study indicates.


The CTA's new Ventra card. (CBS)

CTA Cracking Down On Misuse Of Reduced Fare Transit Cards

CTA president Forrest Claypool says misuse of reduced and free transit cards is both immoral and costly to the agency so he’s cracking down on the $3 million annual scam.


A Ventra machine at a CTA station. (CBS)

New App Will Allow Ventra Users To Manage Account On Their Smart Phone

Metra riders are used to carrying a ticket and tucking that paper under the metal tab in front of you. But CBS 2’s Ed Curran says a new app will soon let you buy a ticket for Metra on your phone and keep it there.


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Survey: CTA Leaves Low-Income Chicagoans Behind With Ventra

The Chicago Transit Authority’s transition to Ventra may — after a series of early hiccups — have finally started to work for the majority of CTA riders, but there’s one group Ventra does not seem to be benefiting: low-income Chicagoans.


A Ventra fare card reader. (Credit: CBS)

Final Transition To Ventra Goes Smoothly For CTA, Pace

The CTA and Pace say they’re not aware of any problems with the final changeover to Ventra cards. WBBM’s Bob Roberts spoke with both agencies.


A Ventra fare card reader. (Credit: CBS)

CTA To Stop Accepting Old Farecards Tuesday

The end is at hand for the last of CTA’s old farecards.


A Ventra fare card reader. (Credit: CBS)

CTA Moving Closer To Full Conversion To Ventra

Sunday marks another step in the CTA’s conversion to the Ventra fare card, as riders will no longer be able to load money onto their magnetic strip cards or Chicago and Chicago Plus cards.


A Ventra fare card reader. (Credit: CBS)

Holdouts Finally Making The Switch To Ventra

More than 200 people lined up at the Jefferson Park branch library to make the switch Thursday. A few elderly customers said they merely waited until CTA came to them, because the trip to CTA headquarters in the West Loop was too much.


A Ventra fare card reader. (Credit: CBS)

CTA ‘Pleased’ With #AskVentra Twitter Questions

The CTA took questions on Twitter for an hour Wednesday about Ventra and it didn’t even melt down any computers.


Ventra reader (CBS)

CTA, Pace Begin Phasing Out Old Fare Cards Ahead Of Full Switch To Ventra

CTA officials said 86 percent of its fares are now paid with a Ventra card, and the agency is pushing the last of its riders to make the switch to Ventra. Pace riders have been slower to make the change, with about 60 percent of the suburban bus agency’s fares paid with Ventra cards.


Ventra reader (CBS)

Ventra Cards Become Only Way To Pay For CTA, Pace On July 1

When Ventra was first unveiled in September, there were massive teething problems.


A Ventra fare card reader. (Credit: CBS)

CTA Begins Payments For Ventra After Improved Performance

CBS 2 has learned the CTA has quietly paid the makers of its Ventra card $2.4 million. That’s just for the first three months.


A Ventra fare card reader. (Credit: CBS)

CTA’s Full Transition To Ventra At Least Two Months Away

CTA is a lot happier now with the Ventra farecard than it was even a month ago. But CTA President Forrest Claypool said Wednesday that the final phase-out of old fare cards is at least two months off.


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With Ventra Back On The Rails, Transition To The New Fare Payment System Could Soon Resume

According to the Chicago Transit Authority, there could be a new transition schedule for the Ventra fare payment system as early as next month. This comes after the CTA set three performance standards for Cubic Transportation Systems — the company behind Ventra — back in November. As of January 1st, the CTA says Cubic has met these standards.


A Ventra fare card reader. (Credit: CBS)

CTA To Bill Ventra For More Than 900,000 Free Rides

The CTA gave out more than a million dollars in free rides due to Ventra equipment failure over a two month period.


The CTA's new Ventra card. (CBS)

CTA: Ventra Cards Not Working On Some Buses Friday Evening

Scattered reports began to come in about 6:30 p.m. that buses on multiple routes are experiencing outages, CTA spokeswoman Lambrini Lukidis said. She could not immediately provide which routes or how many buses are affected.


Forrest Claypool

Emanuel Has ‘Full Confidence’ In Claypool, Despite Ventra Problems

Bus drivers have said they’re seeing fewer problems with Ventra fare cards, and the mayor said he’s not holding Claypool responsible for the foul-ups with the switchover to Ventra.


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CTA Watchdog: Ventra Parent Company Cubic Has History Of Problems

A CTA watchdog group is revealing some new information about the makers of the Ventra card that just might have you scratching your head asking what was the CTA thinking?


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CTA Union: Ventra System Allowing Commuters To Ride For Free

A union official on Thursday showed reporters a photograph of a Ventra card that worked –- despite having a negative balance of $272.50.