Water Bills

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Maywood Threatens To Shut Off The Tap For Residents With Overdue Water Bills

For the second day in a row, more than a hundred people have lined up at the village offices in west suburban Maywood, after being notified their water service would be shut off if they didn’t pay overdue bills.


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West Chicago Still Catching Up On Yearlong Backlog Of Water Bills

Many residents of West Chicago are still waiting on their city to send them a water bill. For many of them, it’s been as long as 15 months since they last had a water bill.


Water faucet (CBS)

West Chicago Homeowners Still Waiting For Water Bills

t’s a waiting game in West Chicago as homeowners continue to look for water bills that still haven’t arrived, reports WBBM’s Bernie Tafoya.


The Berryhill Shafala family. (Credit: CBS)

2 Investigators: Late Fees On Water Bill Could Force Family From Home

Thousands of dollars in fees on a water bill may force a family to become homeless. The desperate parents say their village is charging excessive fees, more than many other municipalities. CBS 2’s Dave Savini has been looking into their plight and has this original report.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Supt. Garry McCarthy. (Credit: Craig Dellimore/WBBM Newsradio)

City Council Approves Emanuel Plan To Reduce Water Bills For Some Charities

The Chicago City Council has approved Mayor Emanuel’s plan to reduce the water bills of some charitable groups, but negotiations are still continuing, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.


Sauk Village

‘Clean’ Water In Sauk Village Brings Higher Bills, But Many Still Won’t Drink It

A twist in Sauk Village’s water saga – officials have said the water supply is safe, but some residents still aren’t drinking it, even though they’re paying a lot more for it now.

CBS 2–10/03/2012

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Aqua Illinois Customers Furious With Skyrocketing Water Bills

They say they’re drowning in their water bills; scores of angry customers of Aqua Illinois say they have to think twice now about everyday tasks like taking a shower, washing the dishes, or even using the bathroom.

CBS 2–08/20/2012

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Survive This Economy: Cutting Your Water Bill

It’s something we all do: look for ways to cut our household bills.

CBS Chicago–04/24/2012

A parochial school student sips from a water fountain. (CBS)

Some Churches Face Steep Costs In Installing Water Meters

When it comes to water meters in Chicago, churches are getting by on a wing and a prayer.

CBS Chicago–02/28/2012

A parochial school student sips from a water fountain. (CBS)

Charities Bracing For Chicago Water Bills

Mayor Emanuel’s new water and sewer bills are back in the news. They have yet to be issued, but churches and charities are trying to figure out how big they’ll be.


At Chicago City Hall Outside The Mayor's Office. (AP Photo)

Report: City Succeeding In Collecting Outstanding Debt

The Emanuel Administration’s crackdown on scofflaws within the ranks of its own employees seems to be paying off.

CBS Chicago–11/18/2011

Joyce and Bill Woodfolk said they've had enough of the higher city fees, fines and other taxes that have repeatedly gone up over the years to balance the budget on the backs of city taxpayers. (Credit: CBS)

City Budget Means Higher Fees; Had Enough?

Chicago now has an official city budget for 2012 – a plan that calls for spending more than $6 billion. But to wipe out some red ink, several city fees and other charges will go up. CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports on one family that’s had enough.

CBS 2–11/16/2011

City Hall

Aldermen Express Concern About Higher Fees In Budget Plan

City budget hearings got underway Wednesday morning at City Hall, as aldermen questioned Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s budget team about the spending plan for 2012.

CBS Chicago–10/19/2011

Mayor Emanuel on Friday emphasized the need to revamp Chicago's water system with increased water bills. (CBS)

Mayor: Suburbs Will Share Water-Bill Pain With Chicago

It’s not just Chicagoans who would get socked with larger water bills, under Mayor Emanuel’s proposed city budget. Residents of 125 suburbs that purchase water from Chicago would also see their bills double over the next four years.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel (CBS)

Mayor Emanuel Cracks Down On City Employee Debts

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is cracking down on city workers who haven’t paid their old parking tickets and other debts.

CBS Chicago–10/04/2011

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Scott Olson/ Getty Images)

Emanuel Has Plan To Recover Unpaid Water Bills From Suburbs

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a plan to recover almost $15 million owed by some suburbs for unpaid water services provided by the City of Chicago.

CBS Chicago–10/03/2011

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City Taking Steps To Collect Millions In Unpaid Water Bills

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Thursday that he is actively going after $15 million in unpaid water bills owed to the city by four Chicago suburbs. He also promised to take another look at free water that the city supplies to various non-profit groups.

CBS 2–09/22/2011

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Glen Ellyn Raising Water Rates After Usage Drops

The village of Glen Ellyn is raising water rates because residents aren’t using enough water to cover the costs of providing water service.

CBS Chicago–04/14/2011