Weight Loss


Battle Of The Bulge

As Americans collectively fight the battle of the bulge and the ever-expanding national waistline, more and more people who have reached potentially dangerous weights are turning to surgery as a means to shed excess pounds.


Bathroom Scale

Chicago Area Women Are Weight Loss Champs

Chicago may be the city of big shoulders, but it also appears to be center of shrinking waistlines.

WBBM Newsradio–01/07/2011

Pasta Stir- Fry

Lose Weight, Boost Mood On High-Carb Diet

Two doctors say you can lose weight on a high-carb diet, while improving your mood at the same time.

CBS 2–11/15/2010


Shape, Tone, Burn Calories With New Undergarment

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough time for a workout? Now there’s a new option – just for women – to shape up without exercise. CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist reports.

CBS 2–09/22/2010