White Sox Offense

Paul Konerko

Fisk: Tenth Inning Victory A ‘Good Sign’ For White Sox

On Monday night, the Chicago White Sox will go for their third straight win, it would be the longest winning streak of their 2011 campaign.

670 The Score–05/09/2011

Chicago White Sox

Stone: No Individual To Blame For White Sox’s Struggles

Through their first 32 games of the season, the White Sox have the worst record in all of baseball. This clearly wasn’t the season that fans had expected, and becuase of that, they’re now looking for somewhere to place the blame.

670 The Score–05/06/2011

Ozzie Guillen

White Sox Stuck In Baffling Season

No one is more surprised by the funk they’ve fallen into than the Chicago White Sox.

670 The Score–05/05/2011

Adam Dunn

Melton: Numbers Will Be There For Dunn

When slugger Adam Dunn signed with the Chicago White Sox in the offseason, he brought with him big expectations. But so far this season, Dunn hasn’t quite been the player the White Sox were hoping for.

670 The Score–04/26/2011

Paul Konerko

Cooper: ‘We Just Need A Win’

The Chicago White Sox losing streak has reached seven games. And over the course of this slump, Chicago hasn’t been able to score more than four runs in a game.

670 The Score–04/21/2011

Alex Rios

White Sox Power Leads To Slumps

Over the first nine games of the 2011 season, the Chicago White Sox were 6-3 and averaged 6.9 runs scored per game. However, over the last seven games they’ve gone 1-6 and scored just 2.6 runs per game.

670 The Score–04/19/2011

Gordon Beckham

More Aggressive Beckham Finding Success At The Plate

Gordon Beckham’s disappointing 2010 season has been attributed to losing his confidence at the plate, but there’s also reason to believe that getting away from his approach contributed to it as well.

670 The Score–04/11/2011

Juan Pierre and Gordon Beckham

Pierre, Beckham Leading The Way For White Sox

Through the first nine games of the 2011 season, the Chicago White Sox have one of the most productive offenses in all of baseball, and a lot of that has to do with their No. 1 and No. 2 hitters.

670 The Score–04/11/2011

Adam Dunn

Breaking Down Dunn’s Recovery

Late Tuesday night, White Sox slugger Adam Dunn had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. While that may seem like a very serious condition for Dunn, he’ll likely only miss five games.

670 The Score–04/06/2011

Gordon Beckham

Confidence, Time Key To Beckham’s Improvement

Gordon Beckham’s time in the major leagues has been a roller coaster, But there’s reason to believe that this year, and the rest of his career, will be all positive.

670 The Score–04/05/2011

Gordon Beckham

Good Starts For Quentin And Beckham Are Key

Paul Konerko, Adam Dunn and Alex Rios are going to be big parts of the Chicago White Sox’s success this season. But equally important might be the play of Carlos Quentin and Gordon Beckham.

670 The Score–04/04/2011

Carlos Quentin

Offense Shows Potential Through Opening Series

Not only did the 2011 season open the way many expected it to for the Chicago White Sox, it also gave a glimpse at what could be this season.

670 The Score–04/04/2011

Adam Dunn

Dunn Will Be Swinging For The Scoreboard

The Chicago White Sox’s newest slugger will consistently hit 40 home runs, but playing in U.S. Cellular Field, those 40 home runs could be sent way back into the bleachers.

670 The Score–04/01/2011

Gordon Beckham

Cowley: Beckham, Thornton Key To White Sox Success

The expectations for the Chicago White Sox are high this season. The organization has already declared that they’re “All In,” in their pursuit of a championship.

670 The Score–03/18/2011