If Every State Had Its Own Word, Illinois' Would Be... Grabowski?Do you know the word? According to this map, it should be Illinois' official word. Here's what it means...
Dadisms - The Things Fathers Come Up With When They Run Out of WordsDads are known for saying some pretty memorable things and sometimes we often find ourselves repeating the same lines to our own kids or in our daily lives. Here's a list of the more memorable things that only would come from dad, called simply dadisms.
10 Words To Avoid On Your ResumeIn Illinois, more than 608,000 people are unemployed. If you're one of those looking for work, you'll want to avoid 10 words on your resume. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.
CBS 2 School: Vuvuzelas In IowaThe 2 Teachers will give you a preview of the words that will shape politics in 2011.

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