Baffoe: WBC Is Baseball The Right WayThe only way baseball is going to grow is with the embracing of cultures shown on the World Baseball Classic stage.
Baffoe: The World Baseball Classic Is LameCue the inspirational horns and strings. Get Bob Costas cozied up near a fireplace in a flame-retardant turtleneck.
No Suspensions From Canada-Mexico Brawl At Classic The World Baseball Classic has decided no one will be suspended from the nasty brawl between Canada and Mexico.
Team USA Falls Flat In 5-2 Loss To Mexico At WBCTeam USA has a lineup full of MVPs and All-Stars, and sent out the reigning NL Cy Young winner for its opening game of the World Baseball Classic.
Wisch: Bring Baseball Back To The OlympicsSo, why not have MLB send its top minor leaguers to the Olympics?

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