Youth Poetry Team Obliterates Mayor 'Wreck-It Rahm' In Viral YouTube VideoMayor Emanuel's loudest opponent isn't a local politician or the Chicago Teacher Union's Karen Lewis. That honor goes to the teens in the slam poetry group TEAM Englewood, whose latest poem verbally eviscerates the Mayor.
Conversations: The Old Chicago AuthorRobbie Q. Telfer: man, teacher... poet. Read about Robbie's involvement in the Chicago poetry scene, with Young Chicago Authors, Louder Than A Bomb, and The Encyclopedia Show.
Cure For Boredom: January's EventsWhat the heck are you going to do come January? Sit on your butt, or have fun out in this great city of ours? Here are some great events that will help you decide!
Charity Aided By 'Fake Rahm' Helps Youths Find A VoiceWhen the "fake" Rahm Emanuel who Tweeted during the mayoral campaign was revealed to be a college professor, the "real" Rahm wrote a $5,000 check on his behalf to the charity of his choice: Young Chicago Authors.

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