Should U.S. Play For Win Or Tie Against Germany?

U.S. soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann. (Getty Images)
  • Dignity
    If you're a true competitor, you take pride in winning every time out. There's no other option.
    They say ties are like kissing your sister -- why would you ever purposely try to do that?
  • Aesthetics
    The U.S. and Germany have the talent to play quality, entertaining soccer if they stick to their identity.
    No one wants to watch two sides kick the ball around for 90 minutes in the middle-third of the field.
  • Short-term reward
    The U.S. would win Group G and play either Algeria, Russia or Korea in a round of 16 matchup.
    The U.S. would take second in Group G and almost assuredly play Belgium, an outside title contender, in a round of 16 matchup.
  • Long-term reward
    The U.S. would be in the same quadrant as Argentina, making for a really tough potential quarterfinals.
    If the U.S. got through the round of 16, a favorable quarterfinal matchup against the likes of Nigeria or France awaits.
  • Attitude
    To be the best, you have to compete -- and beat -- the best. Germany is among the elite, so this is the chance to prove yourself.
    How do you sell your team and nation on competing for World Cup titles in the future if you take the easy way out in this situation?
You play to win the game!

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