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Interested In A Future?  Then Fire Quade Now

By Derek Cooley-

Do you remember what you were up to on October 19th of last year?  I didn’t think so. I have absolutely no idea what I was doing that day either, but I can tell you what current Cubs GM Jim Hendry was doing. He was certainly up to no good.

On October 19, 2010, the Chicago Cubs and GM Jim Hendry announced a decision that may have set back a franchise that could not afford another set back.

That decision was to sign then interim manager Mike Quade to a two-year contract, with a club option for 2013, as full-time manager of your Chicago Cubs.

The month of October hasn’t been very kind to the Cubs franchise, as we all have known and lived with. But the October tradition on the north side continued in 2010, this time without a single game being played.

As we sit here at the end of July, the situation surrounding the Cubs has gone from bad to worse, and from worse to laughable. Cubs’ fans have gone from crying after the devastating 2003 playoff debacle, to laughing at the current team being fielded by Hendry and Quade. To be honest, all you can really do is laugh at the situation in order to keep your sanity as a Cubs fan.

Mike Quade was hired largely on the basis of his 24-13 finish with the 2010 Cubs. For a GM to make a decision based on success during meaningless games is like crowning a champion based on Spring Training standings.

Quade has lost the respect of his players and any faith the loyal fans had in him as manager. He even seems to have lost his grip on reality. Does this guy not know he is managing at the Major League level?

In spring training, Quade stressed the basics and mastering the fundamentals of the game. I wasn’t aware that nicknames and speaking in the third person were included as fundamentals of the game of baseball.

The fundamentals that should have been stressed include defense, base running and strategy. The Cubs are last in the league in fielding percentage, have the most errors, can’t seem to draw a walk and are last in the NL in pitching.

The success of a team fundamentally starts with the guy that manages the play on the field. Yet at times, it seems as though the manager isn’t even watching what’s going on out there.

After the Cubs 9-1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies at Wrigley last week, Quade had the nerve to publicly call out Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney for single-handedly costing the Cubs any chance of winning that game. Quade said that Castro’s botched pop-up set a tone that could not be overcome. Mike, you had nine innings to overcome one error. And to call out the two bright spots in the present and for the future for one mistake is absolutely pathetic and unprofessional.

This is the same guy that refused to speak unkindly of Alfonso Soriano’s lack of hustle early in the season. According to Quade, they spoke behind closed doors and that was that.

This is the same guy that doesn’t know how to manage his bullpen, doesn’t know when to take out his starters and doesn’t realize his closer can’t find the strike-zone until after he’s walked the bases loaded.

This guy is Mike Quade, a career minor league player turned minor league manager. He is still a minor league manager, and his current team resembles that fact.

A lot of damage has been done since that fateful October day, damage that is irreversible.

Within the damage resides former Cubs great Ryne Sandberg. Hiring Sandberg would have filled more seats and taught the game the way he once was. Sandberg would have been the right man to develop future stars Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney. Don’t you think Ryno would have actually stressed fundamentals instead of pretending to?

Sandberg won the Pacific Coast League Manager of the Year award a year ago after leading the Iowa Cubs to an 82-62 record.  In his first year as a Triple-A manager, Ryno’s record with Iowa was better than any record Quade had as manager of the Iowa Cubs.

If you haven’t noticed, Sandberg isn’t in the organization anymore. He is currently managing the Philadelphia Phillies Triple-A affiliate Lehigh Valley IronPigs. And it just so happens that Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is 67 years old.

Connect the dots.

In order to save some face, and possibly save the future, the damage must be controlled. That starts with the firing of Mike Quade, and doing it soon. It’s too late to talk about what the Cubs should have or could have done; now it’s about what needs to be done.

Derek’s Bio

Why do you want to work for 670THESCORE.COM and CBSCHICAGO.COM?

To work alongside the people and voices that I admire and listen to on a daily basis would absolutely be a dream come true.  I’ve always wanted to find a way to do what I love for a living, and working for 670THESCORE.COM and CBSCHICAGO.COM is an opportunity second to none.  But I hate calling it work, because blogging and talking sports is what I do for fun.  That being said, let me rephrase something I just said.  I would love the opportunity to have fun for 670THESCORE.COM and CBSCHICAGO.COM.

In regards to Chicago sports, what do you have the most knowledge and interest in?

I feel that I am pretty well rounded in just about everything that falls under the category of “Chicago Sports”, but the bulk of my sports interest is geared towards the White Sox.

What is your favorite sports memory of all time?

The very moment Juan Uribe’s cannon toss beat Orlando Palmeiro to the bag, clinching the 2005 World Series for the White Sox.

If you could share one thing about yourself to score listeners, what would it be?

I am one of you.  I’m as big of a Score-Head as you can find out in the suburbs and have been that way for the majority of my life.  The best fans in all of sports reside in our great city of Chicago, and to represent and interact with America’s best fan base would be an absolute honor.

Which 670 The Score on-air personality do you admire most? Why?

I admire just about each and every Score personality for different reasons.  The guy that I admire above all the rest has to be Dan Bernstein.  Bernstein is as smart of a sports nerd as it gets, and his opinionated and somewhat intimidating presence is what makes him so successful.  People complain about the fact that they won’t call in because Bernstein will shut them down, and he most definitely will if your not on you’re A game as a caller.  But the fact that Dan has that affect on people with only his voiced opinion, and the fact that he is usually right regardless, is radio genius.  Nothing but respect for that man.

Why would listeners want to read your blogs?

I am a fan at heart, and my blog will appeal to everybody’s inner-fan.  I am opinionated, energetic, and will never shy away from an “untouchable” storyline.  I won’t sugar coat my blog with little intuitive remarks and Hollywood analogies.  I keep it real in person and on the world-wide-web.  We are fans talking sports, not authors writing novels.  If you want a sweet harmony of information, passion and opinion…we will get along.

If you could meet one sports figure, who would it be and why?

I would love to just sit and have a beer with Hawk Harrelson.  Just to be able to talk baseball with the biggest, most passionate White Sox fan would do it for me.  The thing I love most about Hawk is the fact that he is a fan first, and broadcaster second.

What is your favorite sports team?

The Chicago White Sox.

How would your life change if you were chosen as the 2011 Score Search winner?

Sure, a few things in my life would change.  I would be getting more exposure for doing something I love (and finally getting some compensation for my work..haha).  I might make a few more friends as well, but none of that would change the way I live my life, and I would continue to be the same 22-year old sports nut that got me here in the first place.

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