Best Places For Cloth Diapers In Chicagoland

November 17, 2010 7:15 AM

Best Places For Cloth Diapers

Best Places For Cloth Diapers

Best Places For Cloth Diapers In Chicagoland

Cutie Poops and Bottoms

Aside from being a green way to diaper baby, cloth diapering also can help parents save quite a bit of cash during baby’s first few years. Though the environmental and savings benefits are great, parents often wonder whether cloth diapering is too much work or will cramp their already busy lifestyles. Today’s cloth diapers, however, are meant to meet even the busiest parents’ needs with their ease of use and washing. And local Chicago-land shops offer some of the best cloth- diaper brands {in each style} available.

Best Places For Cloth Diapers

Best Places For Cloth Diapers


Found at: Cutie Poops and Bottoms
14910 S. LaGrange Road / Orland Park, 60462
(708) 873-4588

Made of super-soft, naturally antimicrobial bamboo terry, Bamboozles by TotsBots are among the best fitted diaper choices on the market. There’s little guess work when it comes to sizing as these diapers only come in size one or two. Don’t be fooled, though; the size-two diapers tend to fit baby for a rather large span of time, as the diaper boasts quite a few snaps to accommodate a growing little one. The diaper also features a sewn-in doubler for extra absorbency. And remember, fitteds need a waterproof cover so as to prevent leaks.


Found at: Be By Baby
1654 W Roscoe St / Chicago, 60657
(773) 404-BABY

All Together Indian Cotton Prefolds are made of unbleached cotton and feature a twill weave, which is a little heavier, more absorbany and durable than other prefolds on the market. Prefolds are perfect for parents who desire to use only 100-percent natural fabrics like cotton, which makes washing a breeze. These economical diapers fit babies of all shapes; simply fold the cloth into thirds, place inside a waterproof cover and cover baby’s bottom.


Found at: Diaper Daisy
433 South Prindle Ave. / Arlington Heights, 60004
(224) 542-9238

Imse Vimse Cloth Training Pants feature a trim fit with three layers of soft terry fabric and one layer of PUL (water-resistant material), making IV a great choice for beginning potty learners as well as children who have only the occasional potty miss. The inner fabric remains wet against the toddler’s skin to help remind him to get to the bathroom. Though these pants provide some barrier against soaking the clothes, they do not give the protection of a regular diaper. Small potty learners love the easy pull-up style of these pants, allowing little hands to maneuver them on and off.

All in Ones:

Found at: Cutie Poops and Bottoms

DreamEze All- in-One diapers are babysitter friendly and dad-approved because they function quite like a disposable diaper. Simply snap diaper on baby’s bum and you’re both set! Lined with two, sewn-in organic cotton doublers, this diaper features maximum absorbency for heavy wetters and older babies and toddlers. The narrow middle helps cut down on diaper-butt bulk yet also nicely contains messes.

One Size and Pockets

Found at: Be By Baby, Cutie Poops and Bottoms, Diaper Dasiy

A tried and true brand, Bum Genius took everything wonderful about previous versions of its pocket diaper and applied it to the 4.0 while also giving it a few upgrades. Parents love that the 4.0 grows with baby as baby ages. And the BG4.0 is also appealing because the inner fleece layer against baby’s skin wicks away moisture and leaves baby as dry as he or she would be in a disposable. Parents can choose either the hook and loop closures or snap on the 4.0, depending on personal preference.

Night-time Trainers

Found at: Cutie Poops and Bottoms

For little potty learners who have gotten the hang of making it to the bathroom during the day but still haven’t quite mastered night time, Happy Heiny Training Pants offer the protection needed for night-time potty misses. The HH night-time trainers pull up and down easily and boast an inner layer of fleece, that wicks away wetness for the little one’s skin. The entire outside of the trainer is made of PUL to contain wetness. The trainers come in three different sizes, offering a good fit for even large preschoolers. And the best part? Because this trainer is stuffable (it’s a pocket diaper), parents can put as little or as much stuffing inside depending on absorbency needs.


Found at: Be By Baby, Cutie Poops and Bottoms

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap is a work-horse cover that fits perfectly over most fitted and prefold diapers. Known for accommodating a wide variety of body shapes, the BSWW is an economical choice that stands up to the heaviest of wetters. These covers, made of PUL, are crafted to last, and size medium tends to fit the average-sized baby from about five months until well into the first year.

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