Best Places To Help You Get Organized

January 30, 2012 2:00 PM


by Rachel Azark

Now that you’ve tossed out or donated your junk that was taking up your living space, it’s time to organize what’s left. It might be closet space, the garage, the basement, or your child’s play room. Whatever area it is, it’s important that things have a designated spot, because it helps reduce the clutter from building up again.

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For the unorganized, this store might be a living nightmare. For us organized folks, it feels like home. They have a hook, hanger, shelf, box and container for just about everything imaginable. No matter what room in the house you’re organizing, there will be something that meets your need. Running until Feb. 13, the store is having their famous elfa sale – helping people get their closets back in order at 30% off elfa products. Products include affordable modular shelving and drawer systems.

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Ah – the mecca of stuff. While this store can certainly help you get organized, it might lure you back into buying more unnecessary stuff. So be wary. However, this is a great place if you’re tackling closet space, including linen closets and pantries. They have a huge selection of things for the kitchen and a nice selection of bins, hooks, hangers, and baskets to help you organize the closet. Sometimes just buying yourself new sheets can lighten up your room and make it feel fresh again. Don’t go walking into this store without your stack of 20% off coupons you received in the mail. They even take expired coupons that were mailed to you and you can use more than one in a transaction.

06 Best Places To Help You Get Organized


Oh, IKEA. The store you walk into and are lost for the next two hours while you wander through a maze with no way to get out. But don’t let that deter you, because you can find some great deals on bookshelves, closet organizers, and shelves. They organize everything by room. If you’re tidying up a child’s play room they have lots of inexpensive options for storage. Take a half-day or even a whole day and wander the store looking for all sorts of different ideas. Just don’t forget that at the end of the day you need to put everything together yourself.

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It’s true isn’t it that every time you walk into Target for five things, you come out with ten? If you’re cleaning the garage or the basement and you need heavy-duty storage that water won’t affect, I would suggest coming to Target for their Rubbermaid totes. (Especially when they go on sale.) Some are clear, others are not, but they are perfect for those areas that tend to get dusty or dirty, or for storing away the seasonal decorations. If you’re looking to organize the garage they have a huge selection of storage options for that area.

Office Supply Stores

Tackling the home office? Isn’t it shocking how much paper can build up over such a short amount of time? If one of your goals this year is get on top of your financial life, it helps to start by organizing your home office and having a place for all your bills and paperwork for taxes and everything else. Office Max offers pretty much everything in the realm of organizing your paperwork, from bookshelves, to filing cabinets, to shelving, to bins and totes. And it wouldn’t hurt to get a shredder. There’s nothing like shredding paperwork you don’t need anymore. You can also try going to Office Depot and Staples.

Rachel Azark is a writer, and lives on Chicago’s northwest side. Read more of her work on her blog

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