DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rafael At The Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House

October 10, 2011 3:00 AM

dyr chicago11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rafael At The Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House

“It’s an assertive car.”

The Ride
The Driver: Rafael
Car in Question: 2011 Nissan Altima
Spotted at: Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House, 5757 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637
Odometer: 6,515
Car’s Nickname: The Accelerator


Q: What neighborhood are you from?

A: I am actually from New York, but I lived in Hyde Park for four years. I recently moved back to New York after college. Right now I’m back here visiting friends and attending a couple of events.

Q: What is the main function of your car?

A: Well I got the car because Chicago public transportation is not that great. So a car is kinda of necessary, especially if you live on the South Side and you want to get up north. I use it for just about anything. I don‘t use it to get to work or anything, but mainly just to get out and see friends.

Q: What was your favorite day trip from home?

A: I once went to Evanston. That was nice. It’s nice to drive by the lake. Whenever I go down Lake Shore and go by Edgewater it’s nice.

Q: What’s the furthest place you’ve driven to with this car?

A: Iowa was probably the furthest I’ve driven to with this car–to an event at Cedar Falls. A couple of my friends drove out there with me. There was a lot of fields, and it’s pretty flat. It was about a five or six hour drive from here. I fell asleep for part of it.

Q: Do you have any rules for your car?

A: No smoking. It smells like crap, and it makes the car smell like crap too. When growing up my friend’s dad always use to smoke cigarettes in his car. It stunk so bad. When he would smoke I had to roll down the window and stick my head out. I don’t like smoking, so that’s my rule.

Q: What do you listen to while driving in your car?

A: Top 45. I sing along sometimes, but I don’t rock out or pump it up. I keep it so if you were looking at me you wouldn’t really know.

Q: If your car had a human emotion, what would it be?

A: Aggressive! It has good acceleration. Assertive is probably the right word for it. It’s an assertive car.

Q: What do you think your next car or vehicle will be?

A: I kind of want a hybrid. I like the Prius. I might do that. I care about the environment and the gas. My friend also has an electric car and it’s awesome. I think he has a Ford Fusion and he loves it. Maybe that instead of the hybrid.

Q: How did you come about your car?

A: I’ve driven Nissans before, and I just picked it because I like the steering and the acceleration. When you touch the gas on a lot of cars, they don’t move, but this one responds. That really matters to me.

Q: How did you get your car?

A: My friend left Chicago, and I bought it off of him for cheap because he had to leave pretty quickly. I haven’t had it that long. I’m going to drive it back to New York. For now, as I go back and forth between the two cities, I’m going to leave it here.

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Photos and interview by Nicolette Chambers

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