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A page from a US newspaper shows the hor

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(credit: EVA HAMBACH/AFP/Getty Images)

A page from a US newspaper shows the horoscope on January 14, 2011 in Washington, DC. Thousands of people woke up to the realization this week that they aren’t who they thought they were. Worse still, neither was that partner they always thought they were so compatible with based on their astrological signs, because this week it was announced that many of us were reading the wrong horoscope. “Over the 2,500 years or so since the zodiac was established, your sign has moved about a month relative to the sun and stars,” wrote Robert Roy Britt in a posting on LiveScience that was republished by a newspaper in Minnesota, triggering the zodiac panic. AFP PHOTO Eva HAMBACH (Photo credit should read EVA HAMBACH/AFP/Getty Images)

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