Citizen Scene Spotter: Tips About Chicago’s Nightlife, Mike

October 20, 2011 6:00 AM

Photo Credit: Amanda Look

on the street mike e1312926139452 Citizen Scene Spotter: Tips About Chicago’s Nightlife, Mike

(credit: Amanda Look)

I met Mike on Michigan Ave. on a Tuesday afternoon while on his way to grab lunch. I asked if he’d be a sport and answer a few questions for me about the bar scene in Chicago. Despite the sweltering heat, Mike agreed to offer his words of wisdom.

Name: Mike
Age: 27
How long have you lived in Chicago? 4 years
What area of the city do you reside in? Lincoln Park with my fiancé, Jenny
Occupation? Lawyer for a movie company

What was the first bar you discovered in the city that you felt at home in?

Galway Arms, an Irish bar just north of Fullerton on Clark.

What is your favorite bar now? Why?

Still Galway Arms! The food is great, they have good whiskeys and beer, and the inside is just a nice place to hang out. They also have a patio for the summer.

Tell me about your go-to bar for an after-work drink.

Sidebar on LaSalle is good, but it gets pretty busy after work. Sweetwater is right next to my office (on Michigan Ave, just north of Lake), and they have a great beer selection.

What is the best neighborhood for a Chicagoan to head to if they’re looking for a weekend bar-crawl?

Lincoln Park is perfect, with a ton of different bars in walkable area.

Favorite venue for live music?

House of Blues is great; Beat Kitchen in Roscoe Village was one of the first places I found in the city, and Lollapalooza is always fun.

As someone who has been in the city for a while, what tips can you offer about Chicago’s nightlife?

There are more places to go than you can imagine, so make sure you check out a lot of different places and don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things!

Favorite drink?


Best date bar?

Someplace busy, but not too loud. Double Door in Wicker Park is a good date place and they usually have a good band playing.

What bar/nightclub do you always take friends to when they come for a visit?

You have to go to the Signature Lounge (on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building) for a drink if you’re with people who are new to the city.

When you think of a very “Chicago” bar, which one do you think of?

Little places like Hidden Shamrock (Diversey and Halsted in Lincoln Park), with a nice atmosphere, open doors and fun people.

What is the strangest incident that you ever witnessed at a bar here in the city?

On a first date we were eating outside, and two guys got into a fistfight at a bar right across the street. I was worried they were going to come crashing into our table!

Amanda Look lives in Chicago and works for an academic association doing event coordination. She blogs about city living and never gets tired of exploring its neighborhoods and events.

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