The Best Cigar Shops In Chicago

October 6, 2010 12:08 AM

The indoor smoking ban that started at the dawn of 2008 did away with cigar bars in Chicago. But if you’re still a connoisseur of a fine cigars, and you look forward to that first puff when you see a humidor, not to worry – there are still plenty of fine cigar shops in the Chicago area.

Up Down Cigar Shop

1550 N. Wells St.
(800) 5-UPDOWN

They’ve been operating in Old Town since the days when the neighborhood was populated by hippies and folk singers, and they’re still going strong today. A vast assortment of cigars is available in strictly monitored walk-in humidors, and pipes, specialty tobaccos and other accessories are also in stock. They also host an assortment of cigar parties.

TESA Cigar Co.

464 N. Halsted St.
(312) 929-3075

While cigar bars are a thing of the past, you can still find a cigar lounge here in the Warehouse District. TESA is a BYOB lounge with a vast selection of house cigars, leather armchairs, and sports on the big screen TV. And the whole store is one big humidor.

Iwan Ries & Co.

19. S. Wabash Ave., 2nd Floor
(800) 621-1457

Iwan Ries & Co. is the oldest family-owned tobacco shop in the country. They’ve been operating in Chicago since 1857, just 20 years after the city was incorporated, and 14 years before the Great Chicago Fire. Their space remains a throwback to an earlier time, with its wood-paneled walls and fancy chandeliers. A vast selection of cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco and other items is available.

hubbardstatecigar com The Best Cigar Shops In Chicago


Hubbard State Cigar

6 W. Hubbard St.
(312) 670-0687

“Cigars are about slowing things down and enjoying life,” this shop a stone’s throw north of the Loop reminds us. They feature a broad inventory of cigars, including several imports, and they say they can special-order any brand and ship anywhere you want.

Casa de MonteCristo

1332 W. 55th St., Countryside
(708) 352-6668

Take a trip to the near southwest suburbs for this vast cigar shop and lounge. On the main floor, look for a spacious humidor and a wide selection of cigars in the retail area. Take your purchases with you down the elevator and you can enjoy the VIP lounge, a BYOB area where you can sit in comfortable chairs and enjoy sports on the big-screen TV.

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