Walter Jacobson

Walter Jacobson


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I would like to tell a story to you that you may be interested in. Austin Indiana child service, and how unsafe it is run.

  2. monique jenkins says:

    I would like to tell you about the unjust treatment I recieved from CPD and how my 9-1-1 call went unanswered, after having my car stolen

    1. Marilyn Herrera says:

      Monique Jenkins we just suffered a similar faith. Our car was stolen in front of our house and the cpd MADE MATTERS WORSE by not being at all helpful and making us the victims feel REAL BAD. the vehicle is a White 1999 Nissan Sentra Lic. Plates IL 671 8534
      Any information please call owner Jermil Hibbler @ 312-375-9969

  3. Ken Garner says:

    I would like you to investigate Tom Dart’s testing for sheriff. They say I failed written test,finally merit board told me my score was 74.87 and passing was 75. I keep getting run around from merit board and Tom Dart never available.They told me to contact testing people to and set up an appointment to go over my test,no response from them.Other white males in my neighborhood were told they failed also.We are being passed over for quota. They are making $15 a pop for testing.Money making scam. Please help all the ones who have been wrong.

  4. BON says:


  5. Loren Jordan says:

    I think it is unprofessional and disrespecful for Walter Jacobson to call our president “Mr. Obama” instead of “President Obama” while he is anchoring the news. It’s one thing to do it while he is giving his “perspective” and quite another when he is reporting the days news. Like all Americans he is entitled to have his opinion of our president. BUT I think it is wrong to show such bias when reporting the news. Despite his personal feelings he is still our president and thus deserves respect!

  6. Robb Packer says:

    I watched Walter Jacobson this evening, Nov. 9, 2010 and he told nothing but lies. He rails against Keith Olbermann contributing over $10,000. to a candidate and them interviewing him, the truth is Olbermann conributed $2400. to 3 candidates, $7200. not $10,000. Then Jacobson says he interviewed him, actually he interviewed the candidate, then contributed to his campaign.

    It is enough to be self-rightious (which Jacobson usually is), he compares MSNBC as if they made a practice of pushing candidates. The fact the FOX actually hosts fund raisers for Republicans must have completely escaped Mr. Jacobson.

    Hey Skippy, please next time do your homework, you are an embaressment to Chicago, Newsmen and Chicago,


  7. Mary Ann Hansen says:

    Dec.20th, 2010
    Dear Mr. Jacobson,
    I have some information regarding Burton Odelson. I want to be sure that I am talking to you.
    My telephone number is 708-448-0645.

  8. valerie benson says:

    I would like to mail you a letter. What is your correct contact address? Valerie Benson 3 south504 batavia road warrenville, Illinois 60555-3302

  9. Ronald Williams says:

    I have been targeted by some crooked police officers in Illinois in 023, also 024 and now in Evanston I was homeless when I forced out of my apartment of Arizona by Sheriff Joesph Arpaio and his good old boys, when I left Sky Hap-or airport. The good old boys which appeared in judge uniforms police officer uniforms decided to relay their tactic’s through some non-for-profit-organizations

    In which I sign up with some of these crooked police have carried out their demands also their tactic’s as I said as I said before, I am lucky to be alive to tell my story in depth if you are interested please contact me my number is 773-991-4034 this story happens to be true my arrest history is false the only thing I am guilty of is when, I was young both were involving car incidents driving hitting several cars while intoxicated after driving back from Urbana college the second time, I was in a car with others one of them had Herb on them at C.V.S High School when ask to exit the car the passenger spill it on the front seat,

    I was guilty by association but I wasn’t not aware of this the rest of these crime cases were manipulated by hate groups in 023 district and has followed me through 024 district now into Evanston in which I suspect was also manipulated by some of the non-for-profit-organization in which I went to help for please notify me if you would be willing to help me make a change in my home-town

  10. Ronald Williams says:

    `My comment about the President

    The President was honest in which he stated after being elected that he had no idea that the “President” could not do some of he things that he thought a president could do; he was being honest and came forward and stated this fact also, I have seen him with the ex-presidents more than I have ever seen other presidents with ex-president in which tell me that he is being coached, I believe he has done something for this country he has stop a civil war in which would have came into the enter cities; lets face it the puppet holders are controlling this.

    He is just helping in what I would call keeping the lid on until it is ready to come off and the way things are going, I am afraid that soon very soon the lid will come off; but I thank the President for telling the world in the being the truth and that was a president only has certain power he has and can to do certain things the others have the power to do more, happy holidays to all and many more. I am Ronald Williams.

  11. Chester Szalaj says:

    Looking for a lead story concerning the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Department? To see more wasted tax payer dollars, go to Daman and Cullerton around 6:30 AM. Every day the street is packed with garbage trucks, usually more than three, parked on the side of the road.

    Why does this neigborhood need garbage picked up every day? Why does it take more than one truck to do this? Seems like a big waste of equipment and man power.

    Something stinks.

  12. Anthony says:



    Like many Americans in this day and time, I am unemployed aggressively seeking employment. On January 1, 2011 Governor Quinn’s bill prohibiting company’s use of credit screening practices for employment went into effect.

    I applaud this bill due to the fact it levels the playing field for people who’ve reached a financial stumbling block due to corporate layoffs and downsizing.

    However, during my job searches, I am still seeing organizations using these tactics on their employment or career sites. They have language in their terms and agreement sections that states credit screenings will be conducted to be considered for employment. Some career sites even request that you acknowledge and approve this practice by providing your social and other personal information.

    What can be done to fight back and push these organizations to be complaint based on this new bill? Companies that are continuing with this non-compliant practice need to be exposed and penalized. This deserves media exposure.

    Thank You

  13. G. Moritz says:

    Your commentary today, Jan 11, 2011 – You used the words Democrat Party but did not use the words Republic Party. Why?? I’ve noticed this strange trend started with Fox News. Did you know, party is the noun and Democratic is the adjective. Please use the proper English.

  14. A. Dorsey says:

    i would like to talk to u about my living conditions and how me and my six children are living and how this lady who is suppose to be the landlord is threatening to call D.C.F.S AND trying to cause me to loose my sect8 and me and my children wont have no where to go and i really need your help because something needs to be done and she needs to be investigated this don’t make no sense how me and my brother and his wife and daughter who live in the coach house are living it is very poor not fit for rats its more please feel free to email me please we need your help!!!!

  15. Jim Clark says:

    Hi Walter!! Whats your thoughts on this..How many Suv’s were bought for the Chicago Police Department????? Not that I wouldn’t trust the City, and or Mayor Daly’s cohorts . How many were ordered?? I know not 2 b worried cost
    until Our next bailout for the City Tax Hike is next! When they have to shut down service’s to the working class, and the poor. scare tactic always works… hmmm

    Here’s an Idea… Would a lease for the Suv’s be a better deal?? low maintenance cost, or Maybe just a couple 4 each District I know they will use scare tatic theme that one always works… Take their credit cards away now!!! Please ps.. whats the mpg on those Suv’s lol c ya Jim frm Chicago

  16. APRIL E'AKELS says:

    I just lost my job due to a false accusation through DCFS, they say that I as a teacher for 17yrs, can not work alone with children, but they left me with my own? DCFS SUPPOSE TO BE FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN, THAT’S A LIE! i NEVER ABUSED MY CHILD. THE WORKER LIED ON THE REPORT! PLEASE HELP ME! HOW AM I GOING TO SUPPORT MY CHILDREN?

  17. Rachelle Gibson says:

    Dear Mr Jabcbson:
    The company Proactiv Solutions advertised by many celebrities such as Katy Perry, Juliann Hoffman to name a few, are representing a company that takes advantage of people on the web. I ordered on the internet the Proactiv advance blemishing treatment, and was redirectied to the Proactiv solutions page. I received in the mail a kit along with the blemishing cream at a cost of 35.94. I did not know I had joined a membership, I thought I would just get the cream I ordered. Then a second kit arrived the following month at a cost of 39.94, I called the 800 number to complain, and cancel the membership. The rep told me to mail the kit back to the company for a refund. I did, back in Nov. of 2010. Then the credit card was charged again for 29.94 and then refunded the month of Dec 2010, after I cancelled the membership. I recd. another bill Jan 2011 for 29.95 past due for this proactiv membership, I called the 800 number again and he said my membership was never cancelled. I have since cancelled the credit card the proactiv had. I also have reported this to the BBB. and my next step is to write a letter to the attorney general Lisa Madigan. How can they force people to continue a membership they don’t want?

  18. MONA CLEMENS says:


  19. Carol Hagen says:

    I was a young intern in the late 70’s for the Bob and Betty Show on News Radio 780. Al Parker ,from ABC, was kind to place me at the station b/c of his confidence in me as an “older” student at Columbia College. Walter and Bill were at the height of their career. Tim O’Donnell was the Editorial Director going after Mayor Jane Byrne in his nightly rants. Ahhhhh…..those were the days. I would see Walter in the hallway on the second floor and have some delightful conversations. Bill always gave me a very plesant smile and hello. So, I was thrilled to hear they would be back last year. Little did I know I would be diagnosed with cancer a month later. My journey through surgeries and chemo and all the challenges were made a bit easier when I could tune in to what felt like my familar friends, Bill and Walter. So, as I watched the news again tonight in my battle to regain my strength, I want to simply say thank you. Thank you for delivering the news with integrity and warmth. I recently emailed Tim to let him know you guys were on the air again. He, too, celebrates your sucess. Good stuff….O, how I love living in Chicago and the two of you.
    Thanks for the memories….thanks for today.
    Carol Hagen

  20. Diane Testa says:

    Mr. Jacobson, I have a concern that I thought you may be interested in, I recieved a bill in the mail from the City of Chicago for parking tickets yesterday dated as far back as 1990 in the amount of $320.00, are you kidding? Is our city that desperate? Can they do that? This is the first notice I have ever recieved that I have any outstanding unpaid parking tickets, what have they been doing for 21 years? Why haven’t I been notified sooner if in fact they have not been paid. Do I have to pay these.

  21. Diane Testa says:

    Mr. Jacobson, I have a concern that I thought you may be interested in, I recieved a bill in the mail from the City of Chicago for parking tickets yesterday dated as far back as 1990 in the amount of $320.00, are you kidding? Is our city that desperate? Can they do that? This is the first notice I have ever recieved that I have any outstanding unpaid parking tickets, what have they been doing for 21 years? Why haven’t I been notified sooner if in fact they have not been paid. Do I have to pay these


  22. lerafuxsi says:

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  23. J Winklebleck says:

    Dear Walter, 1) how many I-pass holders are there? 2) what is the average amount of $’s on the account? NOW, If it’s $25 and there is a million holders, which would be some $25,000,000 per million, where is that money held? Is this another pyramid scam? Is it a big piggy bank slush fund? Could they pay us all back if we boycott and want our i-pass money back today? Here’s a can of worms for you to open. I couldn’t get an answer on where the money is. The question was sent to HIGHER AUTHORITY.

  24. rcm says:

    I was a a most lovely Valentine’s Day dance in the company of my beautiful 79 year old Mother who is a widow. The dance was hosted by newly elected Alderman John Arena and held at the beautifully redecorated Copernicus Center on Lawrence Avenue. It was rather wonderful to see how quickly Alderman Arena had assimilated into politics “working the crown.” The ladies were just gushing with high-schoolish abash at his charm and radiant smile. The young adults and children assisting in the festivities and providing the attention the lonely seniors crave was heartwarming.

    Somehow, I am not quite intelligent enough to understand Congressman Quigley though. Expected by some, but not all, the fine Congressman arrived in casual attire accompanied by a lovely lady of his staff to also “work the crowd” of approximately 100 seniors. While I suppose our political structure makes such appalling pandering necessary, it somewhat offended me when the Congressman “worked the room” by passing out nail files to everyone in attendance. He even insisted I take my ration of two despite the fact I declined them with the “you must know someone who can use them” validation.

    I sat there thinking of how we have what, 435 or so Congressmen elected and 100 Senators and this man is using government time, government money, government vehicle, government staff to keep him company, government resources to pass out fingernail files at a senior citizen dance? It occurred to me that Congressman Quigley might, just might have something better to do with government time and resources?

    I bet ole Rostenkowski, the “postal stamp” felon was rolling in his grave.

  25. Debra Sloan says:

    Mr Jacobson,
    About 20 years ago you helped me and my son, his name is Jason Sloan. He has been on a ventilator since birth and the state was about to stop all his benefits until you helped me in springfield. He is still with us , still on a vent and by the grace of God will continue to be with us . I am again having trouble with his benefits and need your help . could you please contact me

  26. Garry says:

    I was wondering since your comments the other night on Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson being in Florida to protest the death of a young black man from a neighborhood watch Latino, you might follow up to see if they hold a press conference condemning the shooting of two white British toursists by a young black man who referred to them as, “crackers”? Or…is the double standard alive and well for the two reverends.

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