lebron12 Forget democracy, I want a King

There is a minority group that all Chicago basketball fans should shout down at every chance.  I’m not talking about an ethnic group, race, religion, sexual orientation or anything of the sort, but we’ve found a group that needs to be marginalized immediately.

I write about the (relatively) small number of people who call, text, email or listen to this radio station and declare a hesitation to sign LeBron James.

They are out there, and they will attempt to be heard from through July 1st.  They will speak of King James’ lack of championships, his dancing on the sidelines, the fact that he isn’t Michael Jordan.  Using this “ammunition,” they’ll try to pursuade you into thinking that a Joe Johnson/Rudy Gay pairing would be a better option alongside Derrick Rose.

They might tell you how LeBron would stunt Rose’s growth,  how there won’t be enough shots for each player, or how a power forward like Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire would pair better with Rose than the best player in the NBA.

While I cannot and do not promote physical violence, these thoughts must be crushed with all the tyranny and ruthlessness of a King.

I, alongside many, root for the novel idea of pursuing a franchise-changing, championship-hungry megastar in the middle of his prime.

James has won 2  NBA MVP awards.  Few players can boast that impressive a resume at age 25 and be available.  Jay Cutler had a mere one Pro-Bowl appearance by age 25 and Bears fans hailed the trade that brought him here.  Cutler actually is a poor comparision; Peyton Manning would be the NFL equivalent.  Albert Pujols is the closest baseball match.

The memory of Bulls fans must have been cleaned over the last decade.  Did they forget the last major free-agent summer in 2000, with weird goings-on at O’Hare Airport and the signing of Ron Mercer?

Ron Mercer is what happens when you  settle, like a doomed marriage.  “I Ron Mercered myself and now I owe half!”

Missing out on Tracy McGrady those many summers ago ultimately became a minor disappointment, but watching LeBron James suit up for anybody but the Bulls will haunt the franchise into the next decade and a slew of 2nd round playoff outs.

So the next time you’re hanging with a buddy at the local tavern talking hoops and he tells you about Joe Johnson’s efficency rating or Chris Bosh’s smooth outside game, tell them you want LeBron James and will take no less.  I know this is the United States of America, bastion of democracy, home of revolutionaries.

Screw ’em all, give me a King.

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