lebron and bosh Pick Your Rumor

Go ahead and do whatever makes you feel best about the NBA free agent hellstorm that hits at 11:00 PM CDT.  Grab onto whatever thread of “information” assuages your fears or feeds your dreams about whatever team you adore.

Because nobody knows anything.

I still feel that Chicago makes the most sense for Lebron James, however, and here’s why:  his brand suffers in the Miami-with-Wade-Bosh-and-Riley scenario.  His power is diffused, even if that group wins a title.  It would be remembered as more a band of brothers than an individual accomplishment, and his business interests need a ring that is clearly his achievement.

A dark horse like New Jersey may offer something similar, but not including what the Bulls have in Derrick Rose, a rabid fanbase, and it’s own worldwide brand recognition.

So the latest has the Bulls trying to seal a deal for Bosh out of the gate — likely a sign/trade — which would crumble other teams’ scenarios and vault them to frontrunner status for the big prize.  Stay tuned all day and night for the latest.

How great was Ozzie’s exit after last night’s ejection?  Not only did he get his money’s worth with the rabbit-eared ump at the plate last night, he tossed what appeared to be “And f–k you, too!” toward the ump at third with whom Oz had disagreed the night before.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.  Comcast also realized quickly that their field mic was picking up the dialogue, and quickly dropped the levels to avoid a stray MF or two.  Or thirty.

We plan to do “Who You Crappin?” tomorrow at 5:00, and Friday has us broadcasting from the Lamplighter in Palatine on the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour.

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