lebron james 191 Hurry Up and Wait

Everything means something when nothing means anything.

Lebron is here, Wade is there, Bosh twitters an inanity or two.  A website picture is changed, fans line up at airports, dinner is served to one of them in one city or another, comments from hangers-on are put through strainers and sifters for shards of information,

and we wait.

This is life is NBA limbo — teams and towns held in abeyance by the powerful decision-makers of the 2010 free agent market.  When James or Wade commits, it will all begin.  Until then, little else.

At least we have the chance to take in some leisurely weekend baseball, with the Sox and Cubs moving oppositely despite the matching number of all-star selections.

Carlos Quentin will be lauded for his catch last night, but it was more of the Jermaine Dye/Moises Alou variety in that it was an unnecessarily-spectacular play by a genuinely bad outfielder.  His WAR remains underwater this year — even with a return to a not-as-awful .811 OPS and .352 wOBA — due to how many runs he costs the team defensively.

(side note that only I care about: even though it was the warning-track dive that spawned the headline, thanks to the Trib for using the term “on track,” to remind us of the maddening use of the execrable “untracked”)

Is this a different Brent Lillibridge, by the way?

Stop asking that the Cubs “do something,” since there is nothing to be done.  Though I guess you could ask for some no-trade waivers from some expensive vets, perhaps, and go rummaging for others’ stalled/blocked prospects.

And we’ll continue to root for bad things to happen to Lance Armstrong.

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