dwade NBA Free Agent Poker

Are you getting antsy waiting for this whole NBA Free Agency thing to unfold? Well, join the crowd but the reason it is slowly unfolding is because a poker game of the highest stakes is playing out behind the scenes. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, of course, are at the heart of all this but the various teams are doing what they can to push them into decisions.

It was revealed on Tuesday that the Raptors would be agreeable to a sign and trade of Bosh to Cleveland. That of course would convince James to stay put. But the problem is that Bosh doesn’t want to play in Cleveland. His two choices are Miami and Chicago teaming up with his best friend, Wade.

The Bulls could likely put their own sign and trade deal together with Toronto to get Bosh (and no it doesn’t include Joakim Noah) but they wont do so until they get a committment from Wade. Meanwhile Wade would probably rather stay where he is down in southern Florida but he has that whole custody situation with his two sons hanging over his head and the Bulls in some way have used that in their discussions.

As soon as one of these guys finally makes up his mind the others will quickly follow suit. The Bulls are making no public statements opting for total silence but privately they feel that Wade is leaning towards coming here.

Hang in there NBA junkies. I feel your angst but it should be over within the next 72 hours….should be.

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