freddy garcia 7 15 Bumpy Ride

As we mentioned last week, the White Sox’ mid-season tear has set them up for an emotionally charged period to come, marked by very high highs and very low lows.

Yesterday, needless to say, was an example of one of those.

Looking at an acceptable four-game split and another rung up on the Tigers, Bobby Jenks instead had the kind of day closers have, and exiled Metrodome poltergeists rattled their chains approvingly from deep within Target Field.  Should the race come down to a single game, this is one to remember.

The Cubs are making noises about returning to relevance, but any kindling of Lou Piniella’s “forest fire” should not prevent them dealing veterans for prospects (even if the market is sure to underwhelm).  If they really are sent on continuing to overpay for middling performance, they can always try to re-sign some of the same castoffs before next season.

The Phillies on Saturday tested the question that always faces Carlos Marmol — can he throw three strikes before he throws four balls?  We’ll see if the Astros get the same chance to leave their bats at the rack and “challenge” Marmol in the ninth.

Bulls introducing Ronnie Brewer at the Berto Center today (we may carry some of it if it is televised).  The long, tough combo guard can do everything but shoot threes.  He is skilled and professional enough to matter on a good team.

After reading Tom Thibodeau’s glowing assessment of Luol Deng, I look forward to seeing what the offensive plan is to get the most from a player whose game has been frustratingly incomplete.

Second Half at 3:30 today, Terry’s Roar of the Day at 5:30.

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